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Jump start for SMP in college? Topic: Persons case scholarship program
June 17, 2019 / By Sheena
Question: I am a 16 y/o highschool junior right now. I was looking into the SMP (simultaneous membership program) in college which is where an ROTC cadet also is enlisted in the national guard or reserves. Can I get some info on this? Am I able to switch to active duty after I graduated from college and am commissioned as a 2LT? Watch the catch with this program? Because from what I've heard it just sounds like easy money. Also, am I able to start my service to the reserves or national guard in high school next year as a senior? (I am 17 in July, and I know you can join at 17 with parent consent)
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Paula Paula | 10 days ago
It is unusual for Jeeper to be so far off in an answer. All of us have a bad day to include sometimes misunderstanding a question and giving a less than thoughtful response. Following is from Army documents: "Before signing for SMP, you are expected to have joined the Reserves or NG that sends you to BCT and AIT. If this is the case, you will be paid at the E-1 rate or if you have sufficient college credits you can get paid at up to E-3 rate. After completion of BCT and AIT, you can apply for SMP (no guarantee that you will get it though - so think long and hard about enlisting first in Reserves/NG for SMP). If you do get SMP and accepted into ROTC (which should be easy after BCT/AIT), you can receive the following as a full-time ROTC student: 1. Drill Pay at E-5 rate (only if you are a full-time ROTC student. Drop out of ROTC then you will be back to your BCT/AIT pay grade) {google "military pay chart" - look at E-5 under 2 years unless you are prior enlisted} 2. Monthly stipend of $350 for 12 months as a Junior and $400 for 12 months as Senior unless commissioned within that 12 months. This is essentially the ROTC scholarship program. Used to be that you did not have to enlist to get this - better check it out first before you sign on the dotted line. A lot of current ROTC students are being told no active duty due to Army manpower reductions. With current budget cuts, this may also hit the Reserves and NG. This is important to you since SMP provides a means for guaranteeing you a slot in either the Reserves or NG. However, this can change if the current Congressional budget is drastically cut for the military resulting in cancellation of "guarantees". Happened in 1975/6 - post Vietnam. NOTE: You get your Reserve pay plus the scholarship money. By the time you get to college, the budget mess may be resolved and Service manpower levels stablized. 3. National Adv. Leadership Camp - $600 if selected to go 4. You are eligible for Tuition Assistance due to Reserve membership (this might go away with the budget cuts also - watch the newspapers and sign up for: www.military.com (has current info about all the above to include proposed changes to military retirement benefits and retirement pay - some very drastic in deed!)). The amount changes but you can get current amounts by visiting any Army Reserve unit (where you drill depends on your MOS - so enlist with caution to make sure you get an MOS that is open with your closest Reserve unit). In the past, scholarships were either awarded before you went to College that would cover the 1st two years or awarded after you became a Sophomore in good standing within the ROTC program for payment during your 3rd and 4th year (as noted above). Suggest in your senior year, visit your closest Army ROTC campus and get current regs. These change frequently and with the current Army personnel drawdown, even the SMP and scholarship program could be in jeapordy. Check it out in person. If you complete ROTC, you will have option to apply for an active duty slot - if one is available for your chosen Branch (e.g. artillery, infantry, air defense, etc). I would not recommend signing up for active drilling Reserves or NG while you are still in High School. Your parents, hopefully, will not sign for you while you are a HS student. You have plenty of time to do this correctly, so no hurry. Haste oftens results in failure due to poor thought patterns. Focus on college and how you will achieve it if being a military officer is your goal. Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired
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Marian Marian
easy money ? what money is that ? All being a smp cadet means, is you are paid as an E-5 in the guard $200 a month. There is no other pay for being smp. 2. plus, smp cadets Cannot receive ROTC scholarships - so you must pay for your own college.
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