3 Part Question: I want to start my own online web design business but i don't know how to start?

3 Part Question: I want to start my own online web design business but i don't know how to start? Topic: Industry description in a business plan
July 24, 2019 / By Tessie
Question: Plus I have a business name in mind but i don't know if the business name is taken already. Couldn't i get sued if the business name is already taken by another business somewhere in the world? If so, then how can i check to see if the name is taken already?
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Rosalyn Rosalyn | 9 days ago
How to Manage and Start a Home - Based Business 1) Think large for the long term, but think small in the beginning. Start your business by contacting people that you know ( friends, family, neighbors etc. ). Let these people know that you are in business, and explain to them what a convenient service you provide. (2) Network your business as a fund-raiser. Contact local schools, churches, civic groups etc. who want to raise money for their organization and keep a percentage of sales as your profit. (3) Take advantage of any gift giving occasion ( holidays, birthdays, engagements, graduations, etc.) Keep a log of all special occasions for your customers. (4) Contact local business who having waiting areas (family doctor, pediatrician, dentist, beautician, mechanics etc.) This is an excellent opportunity for you to offer your service at little or no additional cost to the customer. (5) Ask existing customers for referrals. Most businesses get their start this way. For example: Your beautician built his or her client base from referrals of existing customers. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement. (6) Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to get a listing of businesses ( and their address / Phone Number) in your area. Write a letter of introduction, or use our suggested letter of introduction, to contact them. There may be a small fee to get this list. (7) Contact large businesses in your area. (8) Keep updates on new residents in your area. Write a letter to welcome them to the community and tell them about your service. Form a business relationship with a local company that deals with major purchases ( real estate brokers, car salesman ). (9) Build relationships with your customers. Follow up with existing customers on a regular basis ( every 3 mos. ) . And there are NO problems. Hint: Customers follow up is crucial to your business. If you do not follow up, your credibility can be destroyed. If you only call your customers once a year (when it is time to renew ), they will be less likely to renew through you if there have been problems and you were not available to handle them throughout the year. 10 Key Steps to Starting a Business There are several key steps to starting a business in the city in which you live. The steps may vary according to the type of business you intend to start, but the following 10 steps will give you a general idea. 1.Get Basic Information The Public Library provides significant resource materials, including information on market research, trademark and service marks, how–to books on a variety of businesses and industries, etc. The Library also offers workshops on patent, trademark and copyright issues. 2. Create a Business Plan A business plan is like a roadmap; it shows you where you are in relation to where you want to be. Whether you believe in a business plan or not, starting a business involves many ideas that need to be documented and actions that need to be taken. Many businesses fail without a business plan, and furthermore, banks require one prior to being considered for a loan. Contact : U.S Small Business Administration, Service Corps of Retired Executives 3. Determine a Business Name The name you choose for your business is very important. If the name you choose is your own legal surname and a one-word description (such as John Smith Roofing) then you are not required to register a fictitious business name. If you choose a business name that does not meet these parameters (such as JS Expert Roofing) and your business is not registered with the state then state law requires you to file a fictitious business name statement. Please note that this statement does not protect the business name. Please contact your local : County Clerk’s Office for more information. 4. Determine the Legal Structure of the Business Your choice of legal structure will affect your income taxes and personal liability. Most businesses start as a Sole Proprietorship or a General Partnership and are generally the least complicated. Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, with the Corporations and Limited Liability Companies must register Secretary of State. You are strongly advised to contact your own accountant or attorney for advice and assistance in determining the best legal structure for you and your business. Please contact: IRS’S Technical Services Division (800) 829-1040 website: www.irs.treas.gov 5. Determine the Business Activity Type There is a classification system for business activity types in which identifies a business activity and determines many of the start-up requirements and where the business can be located. For more information on business activity type contact: City Treasurer’s Office 6. Select a Site and Determine Zoning and Site Permit Requirements Determining zoning requirements prior to signing a lease or contract is imperative. You must check with t
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Rosalyn Originally Answered: How do I start up a small-business in web design?
No, don't go with GoDaddy. A lot of negative reviews about it. I, myself, use TLS Hosting ( http://tlshosting.com ). If I'm not mistaken, I read it in their blog that they have an affiliation with church. So, hosting with them will help God's work as well ;) That's one of the reasons why I host with them. Their service is really good as well. I monitored my sites using pingdom.com service, they have 99.99% server uptime. Really deliver what is guaranteed. Customer support is top notch as well. They attend to my tickets in under 45 minutes every time, even on weekends. They have unlimited plans as well, should you want it. It's here http://tlshosting.com/unlimited

Morgen Morgen
It will be hard for you to get a loan unless you are willing to put up your house as security. Why don't you start from home (spare bedroom?) stocking a very small selection and concentrating on making one-offs for customers? As a larger lady, I'm not sure if I would want to get married in a white fluffy thing, even if it did fit me - something designed for me personally would appeal much more.
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Liza Liza
You have a lot more planning to do. It is best to start with figuring out if people want what you are offering. There are many ways to do that by doing some keyword research online. You also have to learn a lot about search engine optimization and getting the site found because it really doesn't mean much otherwise. The best domain will use those keywords and also will tell what solution you provide.
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Karla Karla
You wanting to open a web design then you should know you need a domain name. That is your name and no one else can use it. Type in your search bar Domain Names and it will give you different sights to search there's one website that you can search if the name is already in use or not. But to your question yes you can be sued. Good luck
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Harriett Harriett
This is what I do... It is good way to make a living. I guess I would need to know what u know first but I would do a domain check to see if the name is there for u. Then I would develop the site and publish it to the web. I don't tell all my secrets but if you need more just email. Good luck God Bless
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Donella Donella
To start your own online web design business you need to show people what you can do. You need to reach the client group that is actually looking for the kind of services you offer. The best way I know of to get results is to build your business using a proven business process, the same one that has already helped thousands to start their own business safely, from scratch, on a micro budget. Look for *** solid proof of results *** before committing yourself to a given course of action. Make sure it works! There are a lot of scams out there in cyberspace! For starters, I invite you to examine my own results. http://www.top-web-entrepreneurs-plan-it.com/entrepreneur-success-story.html Do not decide on a business name until you have thoroughly investigated and evaluated my course of action. For proof that my course of action works, see this link. http://www.top-web-entrepreneurs-plan-it.com/body-of-evidence.html
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Donella Originally Answered: I want to start my own graphic design business. How do I get started?
Hi, I have a suggestion for you. I think you should turn your graphic design skills into an Internet business. That way you will be able to link up with missionaries worldwide pretty easily. Despite what many will tell you, starting a successful Internet business can be inexpensive and lots of fun, as well as luctrative. The advantage of an Internet business is that it can be done on a zero budget if you are prepared to do it all yourself. Doing it all yourself is a good thing because it means you stay in control. The other advantage is you get to tap into a world wide market and can do it from home in your own time. Essentialy, an Internet business gives you a lot of freedom. All you need to successfully start your own Internet business is knowledge and passion about a topic, any topic, and the time to make it work. Graphic design sounds like a great topic area for you since you are knowledgeable and passionate about it. Everything else, including all the tools, tutorials, techniques etc to start an Internet business are available free if you know where to look. I have written / am writing a DIY website specifically aimed at people who want to start their own Internet business on their own terms. It is essentially a series of step-by-step tutorials that takes you from where you are now to a successful business owner. The address is http://www.diy-website-marketing-strategies.com It's totally free. If you have any trouble with any of the tutorials, contact me via the website and I'll help you out any way I can. All the best. Take Control - DIY

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