Different song, same tune. is it illegal?

Different song, same tune. is it illegal? Topic: How to write a pop song melody
July 24, 2019 / By Nerissa
Question: ok so i am trying to write a song, but some of these tunes or melodies from other songs keep popping up in me head, so if i used to same tune as a different song is that illegal? thanks xoxo- Lia
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Lucile Lucile | 10 days ago
Yes it is. Since you asked the question I assume you aren't a professional and you have nothing to worry about. If you released it and claimed it as your own then you would have trouble. Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay for lifting a melody that he wrote. Music copyright infringement is very difficult to prove however, there only so many thing you can do and when you use something based on a common scale there are always similarities. In any case , everybody is a thief, it's just how well you hide it.
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ah omg i just came up with the perfect tune..i feel so bad my webcam isnt working.ugh.. well if i fix it and this question is still up ill give it to u.

Kaycee Kaycee
It is illegal if it's the "exact same" tune, but similar is legal, in fact it happens all the time. Also, it is not illegal if you are not making any money off of it. If you are putting it online or showing some of your friends the song for non-profitable reasons, it is not illegal.
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Honey Honey
Depends how close. George Harrison produced a song called "My Sweet Lord" and was sued over it because the melody was almost an exact match of the earlier R&B classic "He's So FIne". While it was determined that Harrison did not intentionally steal the melody, it was likely that he was inspired by it subconsciously, and the two were dead on.
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Edda Edda
If you're just doing it for kicks and not trying to earn a dime off of it, then it's fine. If you are trying to make money though, then yes it is very illegal. Don't think that people won't notice, they have sharper ears than one might think.
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Chantelle Chantelle
Alot of songs do that,,,,,, Friends for ever ( vitamin C) copied the melody off of a wedding song. lol..
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Anstey Anstey
With hip hop I think you can use the same beat but not in normal rock because it is too easy to notice.
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Zach Zach
yes. it's a violation of copyright laws if you use more than a certain length of the melody/beat. a lot of artists do it anyway though.
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Sherwood Sherwood
Fine if it's to share among friends, illegal if you intend to profit from it: the music is copyrighted.
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Nun Nun
If you just keep it to yourself, I'm not sure if that's illegal, but if you try to sell it, yes, it's illegal. You could get sued.
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