Names for my characters and my story?

Names for my characters and my story? Topic: How to write abuse scene
June 17, 2019 / By Rosaleen
Question: I know, I know, I write WAY to much. I need names. One is for a scene boy, he's got long, razor cut-jagged black and white hair with his bangs skunk tailed blue and pink, and deep blue eyes. He's a dick if you don't know him so he can fit into his clique. After all, he is Jagger Hugh High School's honorary Scene King. But the real him is sweet and caring, and the person he pretends to be is tearing him up inside, and he's been battling severe depression since his older brother died of cancer when he was 14. He's 16 now. he wants to kill himself, and tries to, but he stops himself when he remembered how cut up his family was when his older brother died. He didn't want to do it to them again. I need another name for the girl falling for him. She's Jagger Hugh's biggest Blood On The Dance Floor fan girl, and kind of quirky. She's in the label with Christofer Drew- I don't know what it's called. She wears nerd glasses like : http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8358081ff69e201116885253c970c-320wi And loves plaid shirts, Converse, and skinny jeans. And she's abused (not in the rape way, like, he calls her names and stuff) by the Scene King, but still she falls for him. Her little 9 year old sister also died of cancer (leukemia.) They start dating, but nobody knows. Shenanigans happen. Eventually, they go to a dance together, and it ends with them dancing together to the song "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance. So I need two character names, and one story name. Thank you :)))))) PS: In my very early like, brainstorms for this I was calling it "Finding Love In Hate" but it sounds cliche... (Like my story isn't. Forbidden lovers, again. -sigh-) Hmm... I'm loving the name "Alex Lucas." Maybe his scene kid name would be "Alex Affliction!" or something. I decided on Hazel LaRue for the girl, and the story is Opposites Attack! , I really liked that.
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Mora Mora | 4 days ago
that's like the perfect song to dance to :) The guy could have a name that is not often heard of, like: Noah Pieter Pierre Pearson Jerrick (odd, but I find it pretty interesting :)) Lucas - like his real name could be Lucas, but he stylizes it like Lukasz or, common names like Drew, Erick, Chase or Alex could work. He could also have a normal name, but spells it different or adds a word on the end :) The girl could be: Kaitlyn/Caitlyn Katheryn Ingrid Ella-Marie Erin Alexis Saskia Poppy Scarlet Um...story name. The "finding love in hate" sounds good. How about a common phrase like "Opposites Attract", but you can change it into something like "Opposites Attack!" Play on words in titles always catch my eye :) Good luck, and your story sounds really amazing.
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