Enlistment in the military with a criminal record?

Enlistment in the military with a criminal record? Topic: Dismissed case still on record
July 21, 2019 / By Alix
Question: Ya Ill admit I was a screw up, but blunt honest truth I have turned a new leaf this these last two years and I DO want to continue on the right path well here it is I have 2 misdemeanors a have an intoxicated in public and a public disrupt. associating with violence threat or fighting I have another case that was completely dismissed two narcotic felonies and two misdomeanors possesion of underage alcohol (recruiter says i can get a waiver) I completely forgot about the two first misdemeanors, and its really unmotivating because it DOES seem like the recruiters are looking down on me and giving me the short end every now and than, so im asking will the two misdemeanors just cut my chance of enlistment?
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Uriah Uriah | 4 days ago
No one cares if you have turned a new leaf, They care about you being a dumbass in the past even if it was in the past. Even if your felony charges were dismissed, they still take that into account and it weights more heavily on you than the misdemeanors simply because they were felonies. You probably won't get in.
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Uriah Originally Answered: How does military enlistment work?
You can see him after BMT. (Graduation) You can visit him but he can be stationed anywhere the Air Force needs him which could also be overseas. He can visit you but he would need to use his leave. (Which can't just be used at any time, it needs to be approved by his CO.) You will only be able to write letters to him at BMT, possibly get a few phone calls if his MTI rewards them for being an excellent flight. Afterwards you may call him/text him/ skype etc etc. He would be in tech school where there might be a few restrictions but he still needs to focus on tech school. He gets his first leave after tech school or possibly more if his tech school is more then 6 months. He could also do RAP (Recruiter's Assistance Program.) where he get's 12 more days of leave to come back and help his recruiter. I recommend he enlists for 4 years, because if he hates his experience in the military he would be stuck there for 2 more years. 6 Year enlistment only gives him E-3 after tech school, a little bit more pay and promotes slightly faster to E-4. Edit: After 6 years he's done. He still has 2 years IRR (They can call him back if necessary.) but it's very unlikely, I wouldn't bet on it. Edit 2:Yes, I'm assuming he's going Active Duty, not Reserves/National Guard. He earns 2.5 days of leave every month/ 30 days a year. He can use those days to go anywhere he wants.

Rod Rod
Listen to the former recruiter, you have so many charges and arrests, that the military isnt taking the chance, They are also cutting back too. Any other person with a clean record will get enlisted. The requirments of joining is "HIGH MORAL CHARACTER". if the recruiter says you can get a waiver did you file for one?
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Michah Michah
The military is not going to reward you for being a lifetime screwup and established substance abuser. They have too many people with spotless legal history, good grades and good character to bother with trying to aid in rehabbing an habitual criminal. Count them - you have FOUR misdemeanors (none dismissed), TWO felonies and another undefined charge that was dismissed (but still counts for the military). With that history would YOU take you? Statistically you ARE going to reoffend. Too bad you took too long to realize that you are not required to get arrested or spend time in jail. Total the number of times you have been in trouble linked to alcohol and drugs and go get help for your addictions - it may save your life.
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Juda Juda
You ask about cutting your chances of enlistment? How about cutting the chances down to zero! No recruiter from any of the Armed Forces will give you the time of day. I am sorry that it took you this long to figure out that life has consequences. The military has very high standards. Greater than 60% of people in the civilian world will not qualify to join the U.S. Military. A single conviction will disqualify you from enlistment. Sorry my friend!
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Juda Originally Answered: Why is the military enlistment process so messed up?
It's harder for people to come back in after a difficult discharge than to join intitially. Foreigners have to be in for about 2 years to apply for citizenship.

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