How to have a couple in a romance novel meet?

How to have a couple in a romance novel meet? Topic: Caught copying homework
May 25, 2019 / By Leontyne
Question: hello, dears x. well, i have this story idea where the girl is 100% opposed to love; she thinks of it as a joke. i would give more details but there's no need, considering im just starting the story! anyways, the protagonists are high school students (junior or senior), and i want a spontaneous way for them to meet. i have a few ideas stirring up, but am not sure if they fit perfectly. i mostly just want a readers perspective– what catches your attention. thanks so much! (not being rude and saying "you shouldnt be writing if you cant come up with this" would be appreciated, thank you)
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Jordyn Jordyn | 7 days ago
I think that meetings where it involves school itself (Such as prom or a dance) are too cliche. I think it would be more interesting if these two people were FORCED into a situation where the girl just has completely no interest at all. Then they slowly develop a bond through small events that involve the uninterested girl saving the boy in situations or something. (It can even be something stupid as copying her homework, but she deals with it with an uptight kind of personality like "Ugh, here, just take it already." kind of scoff.)
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Georgette Georgette
Maybe the girl can be at the school homecoming or just some dance or club and the junior or senior can be at the dance just dancing and fooling around being friends until unexpectedly, one of them gets mad and pushes the other guy into bumping him into the girl who is next to a punch bowl making the punch bowl fall on her and have her dress wet and ruined. She gets mad at the guy who pushed her and makes some seen. Its an idea of a couple meeting for the first time. A disastrous meet but they will laugh about it later. Hope I helped.
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Dellma Dellma
good example i read a book yo might want to ck out.nme SO GREAT A JOURNEY by Cary Anders.find on e-bay. hope will hlp withyour story line
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