Could someone read this and tell me what they think?

Could someone read this and tell me what they think? Topic: How to write a narrative essay on yourself
July 23, 2019 / By Dymphna
Question: My Father’s Old Residence The topic that I chose for my Personal Narrative is the portion of my family’s fairly recent trip to Idaho. It takes place in Yakima. Normally, we wouldn’t have gone this way, but we thought it would be nice to go through the town my father lived in from when he was fifteen to eighteen. My family hadn’t been there since he took us there about eleven years ago. I (being about one or two) and my brother (at the age of about three or four) were to young to remember it though. We started to think about what it would be like, thus filling the air in the SUV with guesses. I half expected it to be somewhat like Seattle, consisting mainly of tall apartment buildings and large stores. At that time, my guess was as reasonable as the next. It ended up being right, to an extent, that is. It started out looking more like a town you could drive through in seconds, but then shifted into a more populated area. We got there as the sun was getting close to horizon, giving the city a nice a nice dusk light. The first place we stopped was a local shell station, which wasn’t exactly big, but it could fill up three cars at a time. After the gasoline station we stopped at the city’s Wells Fargo bank. Then we started to look for my dad’s old house. We drove from North Yakima to South Yakima, then back north until we found Thirteenth Street. It felt like and hour of driving around (to me), although it actually was only about twenty minuets though. Once we got to the house I was able to get a good look at it. It was the fifth house down on the left side. The main color of the house was an off white with black trim. The house was a two story; I guessed that it probably had about five rooms downstairs, and three upstairs. It had a driveway big enough for three good size sedans, a good-sized yard, and a hedge that looked to be four or five feet tall. One of my favorite things about it was a plum tree in a corner of the back yard, it looked pleasant. After a few moments of admiration, a car came up behind us; my father waved his hand, motioning them to pass. After he didn’t move, my dad drove a few feet, moving more to the side of the road. Then the car started moving, not past us, but into the driveway. The man got out of his Pontiac. He was Mexican, about 5’6’’, fairly skinny, probably about twenty years old. He had short black hair-cut. My dad then told him that he used to live there and was just taking a look. The man asked, with a slight accent, if we wanted to take a look around, my dad declined. I assume because it was already an awkward scenario and he didn’t want it to get any more awkward. After we were done talking with him, we started down the dead end and turned around, briefly stopped and caught a couple pictures, and then left. At the end of the road (facing the highway), we only had to wait a second until a gap formed in the traffic that we could fill. As we left my father told us stories about him and his friends. He related how when he was young they used to go swimming in the canals and ATV riding on the oversized hills around the outskirts, how he and two of his friends were able to test out a few motorcycles. It was weird to hear about how he and his friends lived, compared to my generation. Before, I never really put a whole lot of thought into what other kids and teens did for fun in other generations and/or cities. As we left, we saw a many fields for farming, all of them being occupied by vegetables. It seemed that they weren’t quite ready for harvesting, but they were getting close. With the sun starting to descend upon the farthest hills in sight, we started to leave the great town of Yakima towards the coast, to yet again, start waiting for out next visit to that beautiful town. (This is a 7th grade personal narrative essay)
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Best Answers: Could someone read this and tell me what they think?

Cedar Cedar | 10 days ago
Whenever you start to feel like you're typing like a robot, loosen up. It's OK to be colloquial from time to time. I'm sorry, but I got a little bored reading this. Express yourself; write things YOU would say. I'm sure you aren't boring in real life, and there's no reason to turn into a boring person when you write. It's technically fine as it is, but it could use a tinge of humanity, especially since it's not an essay or anything, just a narrative. Somewhere to start might be to try to get us to feel what you were feeling at certain moments by making the images biased to your point of view(don't do this by saying 'I was happy, I was sad' though, that would be bad, haha).
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Annie Annie
I felt as if I was in the vehicle with you guys. A good friend of mine lives in Yakima. I worked in Yakima for two and a half months, and mainly the Yakima Indian Reservation. I also worked in Toppenish, and I think Sunnyvale. I was there in the summer of 1999, and it was real hot. I thought I would see a lot of trees, but Yakima it's kind of like a desert. This is a very nice narrative, you kept me interested, I liked that you give detailed information, and I think that keeps the reader wanting to read more. Thank you for sharing.
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Xzavier Xzavier
This a pretty good essay. The only thing is this..."It felt like and hour of driving around...minuets though." I don't know if this was a typo but just to make sure..it's not and its an, and you spelled minute wrong. Another thing, you should take out the "though" at the end of the sentence, its not needed. Good Essay! (:
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