Im a single mom with a 13 yo who wants to enlist in the military?

Im a single mom with a 13 yo who wants to enlist in the military? Topic: The sisters 8 powers
July 21, 2019 / By Priscilla
Question: Me and my daughter share a house with my sister, her partner and her daughter, we all live to gether and always have. My question is can my sister be considered a guardian (such as if you are married) if I was to enlist. since my daughter has lived with her most of her life?
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May May | 4 days ago
Yes you can have your sister have power of attorney and custody while you are in boot camp. Don't listen to most these idiots. You are not abandon your child. You are trying to make a better future. I am a single parent in the Marine corps. Been in for 8 years... So i know what i am talking about. When i go on deployment or floats my brother or sister both have power of attorney and custody of my daughter. Plus your daughter will have free medical and she can use your mgib for college and there will be allot of good benifits for your daughter. Think about that. But i do agree think about the Air Force and Navy also. The army is great but being a single parent you should check those too especially the air force. Hope everything works out for you and your family. Semper FI
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May Originally Answered: If your parent is a single parent and when you turn 18 you enlist in the army do you need their signature?
You have 2 things confused. If you are 17 then you would require your parent's signature in order to Enlist. Yes it can require both parent's signatures unless there is a reason why the other parent is not possible to sign (ie passed away, in jail, mother has full custody, etc...). Once you turn 18 you are considered a legal adult in the US who can vote so therefore a parent's signature is not required at all to join. It has nothing to do with being an only child at all. What you have added in there is people who are married and have more than 2 dependents (spouse & a child) then that requires a waiver. It has NOTHING to do with your parent's.

Laurelle Laurelle
I see many people have already answered this question, some with very harsh feelings. Yes, you can join any service that will take you with your asvab score. And yes your sister can watch over your daughter while you go for training and such. No, just because you join does NOT mean you will be heading straight for the middle east. But there IS one thing I did not see in any of these answers. You may wish to join the service but have you taken the time to talk to your daughter and get her views on it? Have you explained why you want to join to her? She is a young lady and has thoughts and ideas of her own. She is also family and as such she should have a voice in anything that could impact her life. Funny how people forget things when they get older. In any event give her all the facts that you get and talk to her. Let her in on your choices and give her a chance. Best of luck you BOTH of you and hope the service treats you both well.
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Jillian Jillian
http://usmilitary.about.com/od/joiningth... you can no longer enlist as a single parent regardless, if you do sign over your child just to enlist then try to get her back during your term it is a fraudulent enlistment and you will get in trouble with your command. also if you have a 13 year old are you even within the age limit? here are the age limits for the various branches Active Army - 42 Army Reserves (Including National Guard) - 42 Active Air Force - 27 Air Force Reserve (inlcuding National Guard) - 34 Active Navy - 34 Naval Reserves - 39 Active Marines - 28 Marine Corps Reserve - 29 Active Duty Coast Guard - Age 27. Note: up to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service). Coast Guard Reserves - Age 39.
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Frannie Frannie
You should talk to a recruiter. Yes single parents have to submit a child care plan that includes who will take care of your child if or when you deploy. To make this legal all you have to do is give power of attorney to your sister for care, this is not giving your daughter up, or abandoning your daughter, it is providing care for your daughter. Yes your daughter will be entitled to medical care from military care provider. You can have your daughters military care provider based on where she is at, it is done through TRICARE. Your daughter will be entitled to a dependent I.D. card, which gives her privleges to shop at military exhange (department store) and commissary (pigley wigley, safeway type store). Your daughter would be able to sponsor your sister to go to these stores, but a letter from your C.O. stating that your sister is the care provider and is authorized access to the stores to shop for your daughter would make things easier. The recruiter would be the only one that can say if they are accepting single parents, check with them.
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Darcy Darcy
Yes you may as long as she is the legal guardian. Keep in mind they will deploy you regardless of whether or not you have a kid. I've even seen them attempt to process a pregnant woman for deployment (It obviously didn't go through but it still happened). Just keep this in mind while making your decision. Best of luck with your life!
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