Do u know the biggest problem facing the U.S companies/ businesses today?

Do u know the biggest problem facing the U.S companies/ businesses today? Topic: Corporate business plans
June 20, 2019 / By Taletta
Question: does any1 know this ? or atleast could u give me some websites..i have tried looking through cnn.com or bbc.com but i couldnt get anywhere .so if any1 does know it would be great if u told me .. thanksssss
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Best Answers: Do u know the biggest problem facing the U.S companies/ businesses today?

Regana Regana | 9 days ago
Oh yeah. Top level executives who get paid 10's of millions of dollars a year no matter how the company does. They make stupid descisions based on how they feel rather then the facts. Then the mid level managers in these companies have all been there for years and got there not because they are good managers but because of who they know. They're lazy and either kill or steal good ideas because they can't handle someone else looking smarter than themselves. The corporate world is so far removed from normal life, they don't have a clue. Business' think the only way to win is having the lowest Bottom Line. They are all driven by the stock market which is only concerned in short term gain. A privately held company could make a descision to invest all but 5% of it's profit back into R&D or infrastructure or growth for 2 years, knowing that they would reap a 20% growth for the next 5 years. A publicly held company would see their stock price plumet if they put this in a business plan. And the executives only care about the stock price because they are only there for short term gain. Yeah, I work in a company with 200,000 employees. They don't have a freakin' clue. They step over dollars to pick up nickles. Spend millions of dollars on new software & hardware but nothing on training. That's what is wrong with Corporate America. A~
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Regana Originally Answered: What do you think are the three biggest problems facing the US these days?
Ignorance, apathy and greed. Great education solves welfare and economy, poverty and crime Caring solves racism, global warming and envirnment Lack of greed allows congress to do its job for the people..immigration, terrorism, energy policy and tax reform
Regana Originally Answered: What do you think are the three biggest problems facing the US these days?
1. The people of America waking up to its crimes. 2. The rest of the world rallying together against it. 3. Finding attorneys to represent them at their criminal trials.
Regana Originally Answered: What do you think are the three biggest problems facing the US these days?
Non participation by an under-educated electorate. Political campaign funding and PAC's. The people need to buy back the government. Unrestrained capitalism. This is driving us towards fascism.

Michelyne Michelyne
Most US companies don't have any particular problems. On the contrary, they cause problems. For example, they pollute the environment, underpay their workers and have too much influence on the government. .
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Here goes... 1) Internal school politics (backstabbing, gossiping). If you liked being a high school student, you will like secondary teaching. Many of the teachers have never experienced the real world and are stuck in a weird social mode. 2) Resign yourself to being paid the same as everyone else regardless of your abilities or accomplishments. Your "extra" rewards will be in the form of an occasional thank you from a parent or student. 3) Prepare yourself for very long hours (if you intend to be a good and dedicated teacher). It is a myth that teachers work from 9 to 3 and get the summers off. Your evenings will be spent preparing for classes, sponsoring extracurricular activities, grading papers and taking care of other paperwork. Much of your summers will be taken up with required continuing education courses. 4) Expect to spend money out of your own pocket for things to enhance your classroom and your teaching and continued education. 5) Prepare for academic dishonesty amongst the administration and teaching staff. You may find that athletes, cheerleaders and those with some kind of family connections get preferential treatment. I was assigned once, at an academic competition, to guard the tests. Naively, I asked if "they" were really concerned about students swiping a copy of the test. The sincere answer I got was: "No, we are worried about the teachers." 6) Your college coursework will be more about indoctrination than subject matter expertise. 7) You will be expected to teach each lesson (e.g. modify) to meet the needs of diverse students. You will have some very bright, motivated kids and you will have some kids who struggle or who just don't care. You will be expected to accommodate all of them - somehow. 8) The parents that you really need to speak to will not show up at parent-teacher-conferences. 9) You will have much higher liability as a teacher. 10) You will witness some things that will break your heart (broken families, teen pregnancies, drug problems, bullying) and you will have only so much influence to make it better. 11) You will be chained to a very inflexible work schedule. You MUST be in the classroom and prepared before school starts and before every class starts. You will never take a long lunch, or stroll in a little late, or adjust your work schedule to accommodate your own personal needs. If you liked the regimented march during your own high school days then you should be OK with this. If you hated it, then you will hate this aspect of teaching. Sick days are challenging as well. At some schools, you will have to arrange for your own substitute (if you can't get one, then you can't call in sick). You will have to have materials and instructions laid out for the sub. Difficult if you wake up one morning with the flu. 12) You may experience some classroom violence. 13) I believe many states require (eventually) education at the Masters level. 14) Teachers no longer get the same respect that they used to have. 15) Expect to get sick a lot - at least at first - while your immune system builds up resistance to all the germs spread by 100s of kids everyday. Many of whom come to school even if they are sick because of strict attendance policies at many schools. ---- Side notes: I don't understand the BEEF about testing. Say you are an English teacher and your students will be expected to pass and end of year subject matter exam. The complaint I have heard goes something like: "I / we have to spend so much time preparing students for the exam that I don't have time to teach." Huh? So, you are spending your time preparing your English students to pass a fundamental English exam. What else would you or should you be teaching? I don't get it.... If you are unsure... think about a different career with teaching as an alternative that you could switch to down the road. I think it would be easier to be an engineer and then decide to teach high school math (switch with journalist / English or whatever) than vice versa.
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Each of the above responses approach the problems facing urban education but fail to see the forest for sake of the trees. Yes, for education to succeed money is required. Required for infrastructure, equipment, safety, and teacher salaries. However, the foremost problem is the education of teachers. While almost everyone assumes that all teaching degrees are equal, nothing could be further from the truth. Many colleges and universities manufacture teachers from a set curriculum, saying all are the same if they pass the state boards. This is false. Not all schools are equal. Just as not everyone in the United States is equal, i.e., some are more equal than others. Like everything else in this society, once an idea "takes off" a million copies follow. A graduate degree from the The University of Blaa Blaa is in no way comparable to a graduate degree from MIT or one of the other elite schools. That is the case, don't fool yourself. Not only does it require money to be accepted by one of the top 10, it takes commitment and intelligence. Yes, some of the lesser schools have smart people on board, but, they are few and far between when compared to the faculty of the top schools in the world. This is not a treatise of elitism, this is a simple statement of fact. The elite schools have multi-billion dollar endowments, and focus on the enrichment of education, the arts and science, not on sports and other such meaningless distractions so desired by the masses. That is the primary difference. The other difference, .....is the student.

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