How do I organize myself?

How do I organize myself? Topic: How to write a strategy paper
June 25, 2019 / By Eddie
Question: I already have a calendar, but I'm so disorganized that I forget to write in it. When I actually remember what to do, it's either too late, or I'm so stressed out about something else that I tell myself to forget it so that I can calm down. I don't know how to fix this without a complete overhaul of the way I live. Help!
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Caleb Caleb | 10 days ago
Try meditation. There are many different forms of meditation, and none are the "right way". Just look into a few and choose bits that you like. Basically, you sit down so you feel comfortable. Make sure you are not lying down because you can go to sleep. Close your eyes, and just listen to the 'chatter' in your brain. You will notice a lot of BS in your brain. You need to eliminate all these thoughts. This will seem like an impossible task at first, and will be for the first 6 months. Any big problems that pop into your head, just write them down on some paper (need to fix car, gotta get milk) make a very basic list, then keep relaxing. After a while you will need to start ignoring these thoughts. Different techniques have different strategies. I concentrate on a part of my body, such as how I breathe. I think about the muscles I use to breathe, and just notice them. (Feel it, don't think about it in words). You will notice the thoughts will disappear for a split second and you feel relaxed. After months of doing this, you WILL notice you can control your body, rather than relying on it to do the work for you. If you have a problem, write it down, then think about possible outcomes. Sometimes there are problems we can't fix at this point in time. The trick is to accept that sometimes there is nothing you can do, and then come up with a plan about what to do. So, if you can't make an appointment, accept that and start to think about what you can do now. Make a new appointment. If your having trouble remembering (turn the oven off, appointment at 3pm etc.) you have to start making notes as you go. I use an old Nokia phone calendar. As soon as the appointment is made, I add it to the calendar with a reminder alarm the day before the appointment. I can't rely on my brain anymore, and its kinda cool now when people ask to hang out, and I say, "Hang on, let me just check my schedule and see when I can fit you in." I'm very spontaneous too, but some things in life just need to be done,
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Caleb Originally Answered: How should i organize my BOS?
Ok. When starting a Book of Shadows, you're going to MAJORLY ovewhelm yourself if you gather up 6 blank books for separate subjects. Your best bet is to start with ONE binder! Get some divider pages and put all your info in the one book. Later on (if you should decide that Wicca is for you), you may gather enough information to warrant placing them into different books, but at the beginning, just go with one book for your information (2 if you want to do a dream book, and there you can use one of the composition books you have). I advise you not to go out and purchase numerous blank books for various things because (and this is coming from experience) you'll end up with a bunch of blank books you're not going to use. If you want some information and ideas on Books of Shadows, see my blog here. It's got some really good info, like a rough history on the origins of the Book of Shadows, how to create your own book from SCRATCH, and possible sections for your book. http://theunbeathenpathsbookofshadows.bl...
Caleb Originally Answered: How should i organize my BOS?
Well, when I first started to write my BoS, I did the following: - First page says 'Book of Shadows', and the year it begins in. - The second page talks about the golden rule 'An it harm none, do what ye will' - Then it starts talking about some others laws, such as the Three-fold Law. - Then I basically have everything that I might need, from Sabbaths to Witchy tools, Moon phases, Color candles, etc.. - Everything after that are just plain spells and rituals that I use. I'm not sure whether you will be practicing Witchcraft, but at least try to keep your spells and such apart from all other stuff. It could get confusing otherwise.
Caleb Originally Answered: How should i organize my BOS?
wow i can't believe you got 'hater wiccans'... i always meet wiccans who pride themselves on being nice and welcoming to newcomers- wicca is a hard religion to learn- instead of beating you up they should be helping you find good information. i taught myself- wasn;t interested in a coven and couldn't find one anyway. i occasionally brought some cheap books off ebay or second hand online bookstores, but mostly did HEAPS of research online, and also found online groups to ask questions. to answer your question, BoS's might be a little stereotypical, but then again, wouldn't bibles also be stereotypical of christians? its just the way we are- we want to write the stuff we learn about the world and ourselves down so that we can reflect on it later, and also to make us keep our eyes open to the world and its connections, and the things we learn from the world. to answer your question- i personally use a ring-binder/ folder thing (not sure what you call it). same kinda thing you'd use for highschool classes- i then put loose-leaf lined paper in it, and divided it up using page-dividers. i then labeled the different sections- Rituals, Elemental Magick, Meditation ideas, etcetera. You could divide it however you want- it means that you can write anything on the looseleaf paper, and then file it into the correct section- or you could print out things you find on the internet and file that too! I know some people who use a BoS for Wicca-witchcraft related stuff directly relating to rituals, God/dess research, meditations etc, and then use a personal diary to write down day-to-day things of a more non-magickal nature- like what you mentioned, dreams and things that happened to you whether magickal or not. So the BoS would be more of a bible on what you believe and how you worship/ ritual, whereas the diary would be more a personal thought journal. hope i helped

Alford Alford
1. possible attention deficit disorder [ ADD ].Ritalin is sometimes used for young people, but for oldsters they just do some kind of organization training as a form of professional counseling -- usually covered by med insurance, but considered a "mental issue". However, everyone has such, it's just a matter of degree. our fast-paced environment makes this happen more than it used to. 2. just being too busy too often -- some people can handle it, some can't. 3. I detest calendars, because I'm spontaneous. Maybe you are too. It seems wasteful to write something down when 80% I might change it. Instead for appointsments I just get a card from them with address, date, and time, and carry that around all the time. 4. listening to Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart classical music is supposed to calm you down -- mood / music therapy adjustments.
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You can start by improving the storage capacity of her closet. There are lots of products available for closets of any size, and her storage needs. Make sure that you don't waste any closet space. In order to fit more storage into a room, you need to go up. Tall dresser, tall bookcase, shelves on the wall. If the posters bother you, you can put them in frames. http://www.target.com/Poster-Frames-Home-D├ęcor/b?ie=UTF8&node=220063011 or re-decorate the room in some way that she won't want the posters. If she just got rid of baby stuff at age 11, then she is probably not de-cluttering often enough. Sometimes the re-decorating trick can entice a kid to want to get rid of more things to make the new room look nice. If all of that fails, then ask her to keep her door closed. Set rules that she can't put anything on the outside surface of the door. Close the door anytime she leaves it open.
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