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Finding my ancestors? Topic: Online research documents
June 17, 2019 / By Ernest
Question: i need some help finding some of my ancestors ive been told im related to rocky marciano and nicola sacco coming from my mom and dads side.......My last name is sacco so i thought it might be true is there a free way to find this out...where i can see the different branches and stuff im only 15 so im not paying for anyhing online if u have any answers or u think u related to me just help ok....i found out alot of stuff just from my parents like birth and death places and things like that....also found out my great grandparents names.....so what do i do now
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Colten Colten | 5 days ago
TJ, there are many things online that are free.. among them, the BEST are those which explain how genealogy works, and what you need to do. To confirm your connection will involve TWO things.. that is, verifying your own actual ancestors, THEN look to see if there is info about either Rocky or Nicola. OK? YOUR documents depend on what your family may or may not already have. This is the core of genealogy. Things like birth or death certificates. For example.. say that your dad remembers his grandfather Sacco, but not sure exactly when he was born or died. Those are details. If you know when he died (maybe from an online source), then you look for more, like his obituary, or census records to show WHO were his brothers/sisters, parents, etc. If you have to order these, they do cost. The US census (which counts everyone) is open to research up until 1930. Only one place (ancestry) has ALL of that. An alternative is to check at your local library. Some have subscriptions for you to use. It just means you have to go there to use it. This guide is free... http://rwguide.rootsweb.com/ start there, and start collecting facts about your immediate family, and go from there. As you go, come back and ask questions.. we are here to help.
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Colten Originally Answered: Why are all of my ancestors norse gods?
I am sure not all of your ancestors were Norse gods; some of them were just common, ordinary, regular people. It would be more understandable if some of your ancestors were NAMED after Norse gods, much like a devout Christian couple naming their first born son "Jesus" (pronounced "Hay-Zeus"). The only way to know is to do the research or pay someone to do it for you, which can get very expensive very quickly. (Professional genealogists charge on average US$20-$23+ an hour.) Start with yourself and work your way backwards, one generation at a time. Gather up your records, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), newspaper articles and clippings regarding some of your accomplishments, journal entries, etc. Do the same for your parents, grandparents, etc. If you used a user-submitted online family tree, bear in mind they are known to contain errors. You should still back up or document the information found on user-submitted online family trees with the originals or scanned copies.
Colten Originally Answered: Why are all of my ancestors norse gods?
Since "norse gods" are mythology and not actual people, I would suggest you try documenting you findings.

Arieh Arieh
The Internet is a well situation to discover a few study recommendations, however such a lot of indexes have mistakes, and such a lot of of the "data" persons put up are unsuitable, that you simply will have to no longer depend at the Internet on my own. Ask any residing family for all of the main points they may be able to remember. Then, get copies of your possess delivery certificates, your mother and father' marriage certificates, their delivery certificate, etc. For useless family, acquire demise certificate and obituaries as good. Always paintings BACKWARDS. If you understand your grandparents' names, then discover THEIR mother and father' names from their delivery or marriage documents. NEVER attempt to hyperlink any individual with the equal surname you feel "need to" be similar, however who isn't named within the documents you may have and hooked up to the loved ones you know approximately. I recognize of instances of persons who've wasted twenty years of study doing that, then discovered they have been at the unsuitable direction! Look for boards and mailing lists dedicated to the names and locations you're keen on, and ask for support there. But, not ever believe any expertise you discover at the Internet that cannot be subsidized up through an precise, off the Internet, list. A lot of the LDS documents include mistakes; so do the indexes at Ancestry, etc...
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Trixie Trixie
You might want to try this website http://www.familysearch.org/, they have a lot of information and they have a free software program called PAF or Personal Ancestry File. You can also go to a LDS church during certain hours and there are people there who can help you find your ancestors. They have what are known as Family History Centers so you can go into one of those at specific times and people will help. You can locate them at: http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/... Hope that helps. If you need more info just ask.
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Trixie Originally Answered: How can i trace my irish ancestors?
www.familysearch.org is one of thousands of sites that don't charge. The commercial ones just seem to pop up first on google. You only gave a surname, which is pretty useless. I am going to assume he became a citizen, which would be filed in a court somewhere. Using the census would give you his place of residence. The census also would come fairly close to indicating WHEN he came over. Finding documents (at home or historical courts/ libraries,etc) are likely to indicate the town he was born in, and SOMETIMES include names of relatives. I'd also check www.cyndislist.com and go for the Ireland category. Another source is sign up for an email list via www.rootsweb.com (for Irish research) and network with other persons who know the Irish ropes.

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