How do you feel about celebrities selling their sex appeal for money, selling their souls for money?

How do you feel about celebrities selling their sex appeal for money, selling their souls for money? Topic: How to write a million dollar song
May 25, 2019 / By Keitha
Question: a lot of celebrities, wear next to nothing...have sex videos...nude photos...write songs without soul...about their sex appeal...drugs, smoking, drinking, pimping, clubbing, etc...teen pregnancies...sex before marriage...multiple arrests...kids dressing like, wanting to look like, their favorite celebrities...kids looking up to stars who smoke, drink, use drugs, and have sex before marriage...celebrities who have eating disorders...how do you feel about these stars who will go to any methods to make millions of dollars?...not caring about their fans, but rather selling their movies/records...selling their souls in the process!!!
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Indy Indy | 8 days ago
I really don't support those who are willing to give up everything for temporary fame. I think it's wrong, and I've honestly wondered if they ever stop and think about what they're doing, saying, selling, and encouraging people to do. It's not right. If we want things to change we've got to stop supporting what they're doing. If it means, stop buying there films/cd's, or products then so be it! If enough of us gathered together and decided to stop supporting these "life-wreckers" then we could make a difference!
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Eldreda Eldreda
I don't envy the celebraties. Its sad with all the money that they make that they still are not happy. They buy things and people in an attempt to fill the emptiness in their lives.It seems like they never have enough.( just one more plastic surgery and I will be perfect.,maybe one more try at marriage with some one younger, sexier, more fun and it will be perfect..etc..you are right ! they sell their souls to find that perfect mate,body,income and so on..Sometimes I feel sorry for the innocent children that are born to these celebs..they seem to use the children as another status symbol or trinket that may bring them the true happiness that they seek..I would love to see or hear of a famous,rich person that took some of their wealth and actually helped some needy familys or needy children right here in the U.S.A.and do it in a way that it does not become a media event but quietly and privately just between the celeb and the family or children. Then I believe that these superstars may find true happiness... .. We also need to teach our children that these celebs are only living a fantasy life that does not bring true happiness..
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Cherilyn Cherilyn
No -- I feel blessed that in spite of the dismal economy, I'm okay...I'll never be a rich person, but I resolved a long time ago that the things we need most in life can't be found at the mall. I have a roof over my head, some food to eat and clothing to wear - most importantly, I enjoy good health and the love of friends and family. I'd call that being in my comfort zone. I think far too many people have fallen into the dangerous web of thinking that enough is never enough or that it's somehow lazy or complacent to simply feel that they are satisfied with their lot in life. How sad - you end up being like that hamster running in a wheel in a cage - for what? Bigger, more, better, newer...and still most are never happy. No thanks, I think I'll keep my low maintenance soul! I wouldn't trade it for the world of material things!
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Ashley Ashley
I to have thought the same!.....They do all these thing's to make a quick buck and keep themselves in the public eye,and to keep getting new work...i suppose?! It kind of makes me wonder what there is that they wouldn't sell about themselves to keep there "fame"? Lately i have noticed,most of the females telling the whole world about there weight-loss in all the Mag's...from Colleen Nolan(she looks amazing...i must say!)..to Natalie Cassidy who needs to put some back on cause she looks so terrible with such a skinny frame and a big head !(she also looks well old..and she's younger than me!)it doesn't suite her! It seems for the females to get work in the industry...they need to be ultra skinny otherwise there not good enough! All i can say is that I'm glad I'm not famous....it's all so stupid...if you ask me!
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Zerah Zerah
If that's how they feel they need to succeed in life, then that's their problem. All we can do is look for better role models.
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Skyler Skyler
Well, I believe if that is something they want to do, then that is up to them. I, and my children, who are grown up now, have never been impressed by any antic of any celebrity. Half of them are under talented and over paid.
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