Can someone PLEASE help me determine my grade?

Can someone PLEASE help me determine my grade? Topic: Online homework service
June 20, 2019 / By Cecilia
Question: I have a problem with this class I am taking, I want to know what my grade will be if I don't do a project that is worth 10% ... Test 1 - 102 Test 2 - 101 Test 3 - 92 Test 4 - 98 Homework online 100 Class work - 91.7 If tests are 50%, homework is 20%, classwork is 10% and the project is 10% (which I am calculating if I don't turn it in resulting in a 0), what would my grade be?? P.s. the last 10% of the grade is the final but I am exempted because I have an A in the class so I guess calculate it out of 90%. Thank you so much for the help guys, trust me its not that I don't want to do the project. It's a service learning project so I need my boss where I am at doing the hours to give me a certificate saying I completed my hours and of course I can't get ahold of him. Without that certificate I will get a zero. I am pretty much on the verge of tears because (as you can tell) I have worked so hard for my grade. This is a college anatomy and physiology course.
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Anngela Anngela | 9 days ago
there are two possibilities, depending on how the final is exempted...either you are given are 100% on it and the original percentages still stand, which is a very rare thing for professors to do, or the 10% that was originally intended for the final is transferred equally to all other categories to make up for the 10% of points from the final that you aren't taking. this second method is the only method i have ever seen used in classes, so you don't calculate your score out of 90%, it's still out of 100%, just with the percentage in different places. so...... first method, assuming the final exemption is equal to getting a 100% on the final: .5(test average) + .2(homework) + .1(classwork)+ .1(final)+ .1(project)=final .5(98.25) +.2(100) + .1(91.7) +.1(100) +.1(0)=88.3, so you would have 88.3%. second method, with the final percentage transferred (the method your teacher is probably using): .525(test average) + .225(homework) + .125(classwork) + .125(project)=final .525(98.25) +.225(100) + .125(91.7) + .125(0)=85.5, you would have an 85.5% so, the best that you can get without the project is an 88.3%, but you will probably have an 85.5% since thats the standard way of dealing with exempted finals. EDIT:: talk to your professor about your situation and explain that the holdup is from your boss being currently unreachable and not from you not doing the required project. you might be able to get some of the points back for the project if you're honest and explain what's going wrong or you might be able to get an extended deadline to wait for that certificate to come in. very few educators are so strict that they would give you a zero for a project like that if you've made a real attempt to do the project, especially if you've shown dedication in other areas of the class and are doing well gradewise (which you are).
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