What are the main differences between McCain and Obama?

What are the main differences between McCain and Obama? Topic: Media research interview questions
July 23, 2019 / By Kerr
Question: I know very little about either candidate "NO BIAS OPINION! using bias opinion will automatically take you out of the running for best answer
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Howel Howel | 7 days ago
Ok let me explain. Barack Obama is a Democrat John McCain is a Republican Barack Obama is pro-choice,against the war in Iraq, supports stem cell research, supports gay marriage, supports the middle class, ending global warming John McCain is pro-life, wants victory in the war, supports ending global warming, supports the upper class, is against stem cell research, is against gay marriage Obama is the junior United States Senator from Illinois McCain is the senior United States Senator from Arizona McCain was in the Vietnam War and became a prisoner of war. He was tortured for many years. Obama is married to Michelle Obama and has two daughters McCain is married to Cindy McCain and has many biological and adoptive children McCain has been praised for having more foreign policy knowledge and experience. He has been critisized for playing a dirty campaign. There has been suspicions that John has created lies and eggarations about Obama in his television ads. He was also critisized at the debate for being disrespectful to Obama and not looking at him in the eye Obama has been praised for empathizing with the middle class people. He has been praised for being charismatic. He has been critisized for not having enough experience to become president. Obama has also been critisized for agreeing with John McCain too often and also playing a very passive campaign. John McCain has had suspicions of not releasing his health records. He also caused controversy when he suspeneded his campaign to go to Washington to help the financial crisis. He was to be a guest on the David Letterman Show. He cancelled, telling David he had to go directly to Washington. This was proved to be a lie when he instead went and did an interview with Katie Couric. It was not until the next morning that John went to Washington. He was critisized for not being able to "handle more then one thing at once" Obama has been critisized for having the majority of the media supprt him. Several moderators and news anchors are liberal and have been questioned on favoring Obama John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his Vice President. This caused a hige controversy. Sarah Palin has been critisized for having very little political experience and not knowing foreign policy. She also was known for doing poorly in her interview with Diane Sawyer. She has been praised for articulation and her family. She has been critisized for her extreme beliefs against abortion, even in the case of rape and incest Obama picked Joe Biden as his VP. Biden has been praised for being knowledgable and experienced in foreign policy. He has been critisized for not being charismatic. Obama was also critisized for not picking Hillary Clinton as his VP. McCain has admitted to agreeing with George W. Bush 90% of the time. Obama has had speculation about him being Muslim.
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Emmanuel Emmanuel
Obama is a great orator. He is very charismatic and that's why many people like him. However, I feel as though he is a bunch of talk. It seems he has the right ideas but no genuine solutions or course of actions to accomplish his ambitious dreams. He gives speeches on how poverty is bad, how the economy can be better, and how he can better manage our foreign policy...but doesn't really say how. And he doesn't really have much experience outside a few years as a Senator. He is very liberal in his political views. John McCain is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and served as a Naval Aviator before becoming a politician. He was captured in Vietnam after being shot down and turned down early release (he was offered early release because his father was an Admiral). He had the honor and courage to stay with the other prisoners of war and was released five years later. John McCain has been known to be a moderate - conservative politican. When he makes a decision, he sticks to it...he doesn't flip-flop like most other politicians. He has a vast amount of experience in foreign affairs, politics, and national security.
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Clifton Clifton
McCain is an old has-been with no new ideas. There is a VERY HIGH chance that Sarah Palin would become President of the United States of America within 4 years! Yeesh, that's frightening 8-( The Bush/McCain/GOP war in Iraq has cost us $3 trillion!! (that's $10,000 PER PERSON!) It has not found WMD or bin Laden, cost 4,000+ US lives, and had no valid justification in the first place. And since the US Treasury didn't have that kind of money sitting around, they "Charged it!". They added it to the US federal deficit! The US now owes $10 TRILLION (or $30,000 per person); do they think our debtors (mostly China) are going to forgive that? My kids and their kids and their grandkids will be paying that back for decades! When the GOP ask for the charge card in November, just say "No!". Obama is a young, intelligent leader, with many refreshing new ideas how to get the country back on track.
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Angus Angus
This is simple...and I really don't care about best answer...because Yahoo Answers is about opinions as is America...Mc Cain is an idiot...and Obama is very smart and remembers what he says a week before hand...therefore Obama deserves my vote...and he doesn't hate anyone. Who the hell ever told you he hates Christians and Jews...God, what the hell is being said about the poor guy...what? Just because he is black? Whats wrong with you Mc Cain supporters? You know he Bush all over again, and I don't care if a person is purple, if he is smarter and has better qualities and policies, then I'm gonna vote for him! And the only ppl that are going to support McCain are the upper-class older white ppl that could care less about all the suffering going on in Iraq, because they already have their million dollar homes, 401K's, and their house maids...we on the other hand still have 2 bedroom apartments and have to raise our children without the use of a nanny, and we have to actually work for a living and still have to pay taxes so ppl like McCain can give it all back to you "rich" ppl. Pathetic republicans...I really hope Obama will win this, McCain stinks like rotten eggs...like 8 yr old eggs...lol.
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Tracee Tracee
Seriously, you should watch the two remaining debates and check out their websites, and also factcheck.org. It's the best way to really get to know how the candidates stand on the issues. There's no such thing as an un-biased opinion.
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Sabryna Sabryna
Senator Obama wants to tax the top 5% and give the money that is taxed to those who do not work. This is Socialism. Senator McCain wants everyone to work hard and keep the money that they make. This is called Capitalism.
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