WWE is in the midst of its own self-destruction. Your thoughts?

WWE is in the midst of its own self-destruction. Your thoughts? Topic: Media business planet
May 25, 2019 / By Ofer
Question: Its no secret that business for WWE has been declining lately. But I recently invested (and lost) a bit of money in the WWE stock. I figured I'd be a sport and buy a few shares, helping them a tiny bit. After the stock dropped a bit, I sold my share and looked at their charts, which shows a decline that's been steady since April this year. Incidentally, that's when Shawn Michales retired. Coincidence? I think not! After examining the chart closer, I noticed several drops and spikes related to the times that big time superstars left/returned. Along with times that bigger superstars changed from faace to heel, or vice-versa. Now, I'm sure everyone will blame the PG rating for "softening" the entertainment. And I partially agree because WWE was never meant for children) The time slots are proof, as kids are normally in bed at those times) But we all know kids can be sneaky, and the more we restrict them, the sneakier they will get to get what they want. (Like saying they're not to watch it, they'll just learn to record it with a VCR to watch later, or watch with the sound real low and the lights off- faking their in bed) Regardless, business was still good after the PG rating change. The biggest problem is them "letting go" of big names like Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Mr. Kennedy, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michales and Batista. All of which but the last two are now employed in TNA. So, other than bringing back the big stars, and maybe bumping the TV rating back to TV 14, what do you think WWE should do to improve business?
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Lauren Lauren | 7 days ago
lets see where you're wrong WWE was never meant for children -- um... Vince has been targeting children since the Mid 80's with with the plastic molded Action Figures from LJN as far as the time slot the 10/9C hour is the so called adult zone -- meaning that all of SD! is before it and so is half of Raw with Raw's time slot being a hold over from the 90's (the original 1 hour Raw and its predecessors were all from 8-9C or earlier) Letting Go of Talent: Angle Lied about Retiring -- was Vince supposed to Force him to stick around Lashley failed wellness Ken(nedy) Anderson was a danger to his co-workers -- would you prefer someone being Crippled ? Hardy Failed wellness Twice... and would have been allowed back had ne not gotten charged with 4 Felonies HBK Retired: would you prefer he stay until he's 62 like Flair and become an embarrassment to his legacy Batista walked away because he thought he was bigger than the business -- he's been wrestling for 8 years, was on the shelf 3 of them and some how thinks he should be the Face of the Company, but was willing to walk away the first time WWE played hardball and questioned his worth Now I'm sorry but on what planet exactly is WWE supposed to ignore health dangers to its employees -- becaus elast I checked, when they did that Congress gets real interested in how they run the company and TV14/MA won't mean a dang thing, even assuming Universal and Mattel would allow them to do so w/o suing them into bankruptcy for breach of contract -- Being 14 isn't what made Attidude so great -- what made Attiude 'great' is Hindsight and the competition from a real threat what they need to do is ride out the recession and see what the next evolution of the Media will be... the changing nature of the Industry and Televison (and both of them combined) prove the old adage of "No man steps into the same river twice." The Success of "Attitude" was the perfect storm of Cable being big enough, the internet being small enough and only 2 Big Dogs surviving the evolution from Territories to National entities. it cannot be replicated in the modern era.
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Itiel Itiel
The day Vince McMahon Jr. brought the WWF was the day it went PG.....that was in the early 1980's. Wrestlemania 3 was PG and is suppose to be the best PPV that the promotion ever had.....they drew 300,000 fans brotha when the great bald blond guy brotha SLAMMED the 8 foot giant from France in that very ring brotha. It is not self destructing......if that were to happen than the whole main event scene would be nothing but a 57 year old brotha trying to keep his spot while he battles his life long nemesis the WOOOOOOO MAN. Or the 70 year old owner still thinking that he is the reason why the company peaked in 1998. Or bringing in the great silver fox truck driver to be the champion while his pit crew the stereotype guy, the two Seans, and clone of Lemmy dominate the air time doing nothing but having 70 minute promos. I got 2 words for you MOVE ON.
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Festus Festus
WWE was never meant for children? Really? So when Hulk Hogan was telling everyone to eat their vitamins and say their prayers....he was talking to the adults? I don't think so.... WWE was almost always for kids. WWE was for the kids before 1997, and was again after 2001. Even during the Attitude Era kids were still a big part of the audience, and fan base. WWE, has always marketed to children. WWE is not going to "self destruct". It will always have fans, and will always be on TV. While yes, business for them is declining in some areas....I hardly call that destruction. With the success of UFC, and the people not having a lot of excess money to spend....of course business is going to decline.
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Damion Damion
Even though there are a lot of people that don't watch WWE, I disagree. There's still many people out there that go to the arenas and buy tickets to see WWE events, so obviously it's not going anywhere as long as that is happening. Also, look at the fanbase of TNA compared to WWE. TNA is nowhere near as big when it comes to popularity.
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Averill Averill
It's because of the PG era crap. This doesn't appeal to older wrestling fans. I liked it much better during the Attitude Era. Afterall, a wrestling ring with dangerous looking moves isn't supposed to be a PG environment. I'm sick of that PG crap. I liked it better when it was The Attitude Era.
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