Can someone please help me on an essay?

Can someone please help me on an essay? Topic: Essay writing using a picture
July 24, 2019 / By Merilyn
Question: I need an i dea to write an epiphany, my teacher gave us an example: for instance, lets say u wanted to work, but your parents said no.. u keep asking and finally they say yes but they say u cant use ur phone or anything.. u agree and then , one day u need to borrow money but they say no since u got a "JOB". This is the example she gave me so can some one give me an idea PLEASe would appreciate it thanx!
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Leonore Leonore | 5 days ago
If you need to write about an epiphany, that's a pretty bad example! Still, what she means is, you are supposed to write about a moment of realization you had, some silly moment that made you go whoa, suddenly I see things differently. You might be cleaning out a closet and find your mom's old yearbook, for example, and see all those pictures of her in clubs and messages from her friends, and realize your mom was once a girl just like you, and used to have a totally different life as a very different person. Or you might be crossing the street and have a car narrowly miss you, and it makes you think about the regrets you'd have if you died, and you end up realizing you always wanted to do something (paint, act, etc) but never realized how much you wanted to before. Or you could have a fight with your parents and end up having to apologize, and think that only kids have to feel bad about their mistakes, and then hear your dad apologizing to HIS dad over the phone, and everyone makes mistakes and has someone else to answer to. Sorry if I rambled, but I hope this helps you come up with some ideas of your own! : )
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Jordon Jordon
Nelgin is right ironic maybe but not an epiphany. An epiphany is defined as "a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience" like when Edison invented the lightbulb...he tried over 500 different ways and finally the last worked, He came up with the filament idea while working on other projects and he dosed off and the answer to that nagging light bulb problem came to him. I had a problem with employee's at my company sending and receiving inappropriate emails. I tried myriad of things then one night whilst waiting for sleep to overtake my weary brain it came to me. Write a rule in Outlook that limits all people they sent to and received from to the companies "Global contact list" Some thing incredibly simple but it didn't pop in my head for a least 2 weeks. Things like that happen a lot with computer programmers, admins, tech support and IT department.
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Georgene Georgene
I wouldn't call that an epiphany. An epiphany is usually something like when you finally realize something. For example, you are working on a math problem and you just cannot see the solution, and then you suddenly have an epiphany and the solution comes to you so easily. I can't place what you described, but it certainly isn't an epiphany.
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Della Della
hello there! I became a little confused there but I'll try to answer it in some way. Say you wanted to work and your parents say no, I hope that they'd have a good enough reason. After insistance they surrendered to your wishes, but placed phone rules and money borrowing rules to make sure since you are considering yourself old enought to work then learning of your self responsibilities and exercising them goes hand in hand with that freedom and indipendance. It also assures your parents that you won't be spending/wasting your money in areas that won't teach you self responsibility or they may be concerned of where it goes. You may ask your parents to exchange the money you want to borrow from them with work in return (chores etc), or to assure them that the money will be returned by a specific day, or even in increments. Since you are working, I,ll repeat here, you need to be responsible for the money you earn. Perhaps you can ask your parents to guide you as to how to save, bank a little and suggestions of how you can make some payments for things you need such as extra phone calls if in need to. Self responsibility goes hand in hand with growing up and indipendance and since you are a rooky you'll learn and practice it slowly. It is only through practice that you create substance. I couldn't break it down to more of a child's language, you seem young-so I hope you can draw from this what you need to create your assay if it is usefull to you. It is all about values and maturity and the responsibilities that go with it, once you want to exercise your own choices-as in wanting to go to work. Good luck and I hope this has been helpfull!!!
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