How is this poem i wrote?

How is this poem i wrote? Topic: How to write a mystery poem
June 17, 2019 / By Shelena
Question: i ask this question every once in a while so i know if its good enough to put in my "thousand miles" poem book thingy. so please check it and see if its any good. Your fascination intrigues me you're so inviting with your charm your essence is a mystery your presence is of no alarm your intentions seem so innocent until i gaze within the cover you seem strange yet similar to the face or trace of another your playful nature teases me with a desire to explore resisting the logic of thinking I burn for something more enchanted by no explanation, easily seduced...you will not surrender because we are so much alike we seek to know the answers your eyes put up a fight tempted to know the secrets on your lips I look you in the eye I now understand...this is not goodbye. It was our destiny to cross each others paths. please and thank you. (=
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Paulina Paulina | 5 days ago
Well i like it because it has alot of feelings to it and its very sweet and a heart warming poem =) i give a 10 of a 10 i love it :D
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Paulina Originally Answered: Poem help? i wrote and 8 line poem for my honors english?
I think it's pretty good. The biggest issue I have with it as you change person (I and You). Also spelling.

Marielle Marielle
Awesome poem, love what this is saying but all the "yours" in the start are somewhat distracting, try using different words to describe the feeling. A+
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Kortney Kortney
i think it nice. but there is something missing don't know what but it still needs more to get the right feeling about your poem.
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Jayla Jayla
Sorry man.... but that is the worst poem eva.... but... my cuzin likes it and thinks it is so awesome. So keep it up and be cool man, be cool. So...yeah revise it and make it more interesting.... please. you bore me to tears
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Jayla Originally Answered: Do you like this poem I wrote?
Yes, I like it some, but if it were rewriten and polished and made to really shine, I bet I'd like it a lot more. Hope this helps. Thanks for letting me read it.

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