Why are celebrities skins perfect?

Why are celebrities skins perfect? Topic: Case skin care
May 25, 2019 / By Tammara
Question: what do they use to make their skin acne free and blemish free. like the teen stars dont have a single flaw. and NO thier makeup isnt covering it cuz u would be able to see the bumbs thru the cover newayz... what do they use?? PLZ tell me.. or wut do u use?
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Rhoda Rhoda | 2 days ago
Fortunately, I was blessed with the advantage AS WELL AS disadvantage or Keratosis Pilaris (I'm sure you've seen it..it's the small red bumps on peoples' upper arms, legs, etc. some have it severely, I have a mild case..). Usually, people with KP have nearly flawless facial skin, however, we've got to struggle with covering, finding ways to get rid of (luckily, my dermatologist has given me effective medication), or just straight up dealing with the red, goosebump-like skin on other areas of our bodies. Sometimes, though, I'll get the occasional blemish or two on my chin and around my nose. To keep these outbreaks from occurring, I use Clean&Clear Warming facial wash, combined with OXY blackhead pads to clean my face, and if I'm trying to get rid of something as quickly as possible (which, normally, I am) I'll put a dab of neosporin on the blemish and cover it with a bandaid over night...it softens the area, making it easier to cover with makeup, and sometimes it reduces redness. As other people have said, Id/Bare Minerals/Escentuals (all the same exact thing, just a different name version) is a really great product, however, it's expensive. When covering a blemish, I'll use Physicians Formula (all products by them are healthy for skin, like Id, and less expensive) Twin Concealer stick to hide the specific area, and then I put my regular foundation over it. However, as soon as I get home from school, or wherever I was, I immediately remove the make up from my face, clean it with said products, and apply neosporin to it to continue the healing of the blemish(es). To further care for my skin, I use a deep pore cleansing facial clay mask once or twice a week.
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Milla Milla
Its important to wash your face every day morning and night and never go to bed with makeup on ! They all follow this to a T no matter what but they also go to the dermatologist and medi spas and have photo light procedures and facials. Try having a facial once a week at a salon school. They are very affordable at schools just 5 or 10 dollars. If you have the cash or maybe you can ask your parents for Christmas and birthdays for light treatments and microdermabrasion. The light treatments cost 500$ and they work for 2 or 3 months. They will kill all the bacteria deeply into your skin so you don't break out microderm is about 250 and works well to get rid of scaring discolored pigmentation from blemishes. It resurfaces your skin. Wash your face morning and night and use a wash cloth and exfoliating wash. Their is a great one from Biore and i warms up when you message it into your skin. Then use a moisturizer with benzol peroxide or salicylic acid. Treat any blemishes with a concentrated benzol peroxide 10% or salicylic acid 2% or higher. What works even better is a sulfur treatment. Proactive has a really great sulfur treatment I think they call it a mask but you can use it as a spot treatment. Then use an eye cream. Even if your young its very good for you to get into a regimin that will last throughout your life. Use a cream made for night time treatment. There is also a new Bareminerals night treatment that works great and it gives a little coverage too. It really helps with oily skin! Its not cheap 60$ but it last about 3 months. Repeat this in the morning skiping the eye treatment and add some sun block to your moisturizer as well. The bareminerals foundations are really great as well. They really improved my skin after using them. Start seeing a dermatologist! Sometimes your insurance will even cover some of it. The celebs have the best of the best available to them and believe me some of them have zits and they cover them! You dont see it because we makeup artist and enthuziasts are very good at what we do! And then there retouching and lighting. Use a creamy or powder concealer and apply it with a lip liner brush. Use a color a little lighter than your skin and with a yellow under tone if your trying to cover redness. Slowly build the concealer up dont use a ton all at once. You can also use a kaboki brush with mineral powders and liquid foundation together. Apply the powders first and then the liquid in circular motions. Take your time and practice makes perfect!!
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Liddy Liddy
make up stylists AIRBRUSHING! Before a photo is published, anything that doesn't look perfect is airbrushed out. Not all celebs have great skin so don't model yourself after what you see in magazines. Get some great makeup for yourself - something you feel comfortable and beautiful in - Bare Minerals is wonderful and very versatile. Get a nice tinted moisturizer - Boots No 7 makes a really nice one. Just be you. Thats all.
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Juniper Juniper
I imagine it's because they have the funds to get facials, aid from dermatologists, and all of the best product care out there. Not all celebrities have great skin. Do an imagine Google search and you'll see. Cameron Diaz and Alicia Keys have blemishes just like everyone else just to name two.
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Grace Grace
THEY DONT WORRY ABOUT BILLS LIKE WE ALL DO! They use the best of the best. Eat the best of the best. They get rest and are not exposed to the hard labor most of use are subject to. Look at extreme make overs people. They walked in ugly ducklings and walked out looking like movie stars. You can polish a terd if you have enough cash. I would have great skin too if my biggest decision of the day was " should we take the Lamborgini or Ferrari to the spa"? ha ha
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