I will meet this man face to face though we just chat online in the past. Need your suggestions hurrily. Thank

I will meet this man face to face though we just chat online in the past. Need your suggestions hurrily. Thank Topic: Love the sister reality show
May 25, 2019 / By Denis
Question: I meet a kind man, he is an africa-american. We chat warmly online. He invites me to go out with him this weekend. Can you show me some suggestions? Thank you! This the site we met ^_^ http://www.emilitarycenter.com/inter
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Best Answers: I will meet this man face to face though we just chat online in the past. Need your suggestions hurrily. Thank

Bedivere Bedivere | 6 days ago
Young lady it really is not my desire to ruin your opportunity to go out with a man that you have met on a website. (No dating site takes responsibility for your safety or welfare). All they can do is give you safey tips and you have to use good common sense. I am a clinical psychiatrist, single and my work as a volunteer medical doctor working in war zones has prevented me from having a true relationship. Now that I don't work in war zones I like you want to give love and be loved on a personal basis. My own personal experience an I am very well trained in the art of self protection, is that the risk is very very high dating a person of the internet. Does not matter how warmly they chat or appear to be on line. Think about the fact that the picture that you see uploaded does not have to be the picure of the actual person that you chat with. Nor does the person really need to show their true personality. The internet I found is an excellent place for people to be what ever they want or dream of being. I am a person who is warm, loving and caring by nature and profession. And my only desire is for you to be safe and sound. I don't know you, but we are all God's children, so in reality we all have a moral and spiritual obligation to protect our brothers and sisters to the very best of our ability. If you wish to email me I will show you a picture of a young lady that we talked on MSN Messenger for one month and then we decided to meet. When we met the young lady was not a lady, but a gay man. I just told him that I was straight an if he wanted to see the sun come up the next morning that he would just turn around and walk away. He could tell by the look in my eyes that I meant every word I said. Life is a risk but harm can be avoided with very good common sense. How much do you actually know about this man, do you know where he resides, his job, telephone, #, address or anything about him that can make you feel comfortable and secure. Even if you tell your friends about when and where you think he is taking you. They will not be there for you should the guy turn out to be a serial killer or God only knows what else. My advise to you is to meet this man in a very crowded public place where there are alot of people around. And for God's sake don't leave with him to go anywhere. Let him leave alone or you leave alone. You want always to be around other people an in the public eye. Stay out of his car or his home if you are invited as you for sure are going to be all alone. Really don't know what else to tell you if you decide to take the risk. Email me if you desire. If you have a drink of any kind and happen to leave it while you go to the bathroom, be sure and dump the drink after you get back as drugs can be put into the drink and you will find yourself raped or killed. Clinical Psychiatrist. Please excuse my english
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Zoie Zoie
Sometimes it's good to go with a friend. Be safe. Lots of things happen to people who meet others online (not saying he's like that) or give a friend all the details of where you are going, plan the whole meeting out first and if the plans change (he wants to do something different) don't go. Go to public places.
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Sherley Sherley
You are putting yourself at high risk. Be real careful. Watch out for things like a "date-rape" drug in your drink. Stay in crowded places, and do not go with him to his room/house/car, etc.(Or to your's either) He might seem "kind" and he might "chat warmly", But that's probably just a "come-on". What lies beneath the surface? He sounds like a smooth talker.
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Peninna Peninna
if you're really interested in meeting him, make sure you go somewhere public, someone else knows where you are, and don't go anywhere private with him (despite how much you think you may trust him). it's better to be safe, of course.
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