My bf said if I start up my business, then he wouldn't be able to accept it?

My bf said if I start up my business, then he wouldn't be able to accept it? Topic: My business plan
July 23, 2019 / By Hizkijah
Question: he said if I start up my own business, I will be very busy, then he and I will have little time together, and he won't be able to take it. He said he would suggest me wait for half a year and see how we go, and maybe by then he and I can figure out what we want to do with our relationship and maybe a better plan for the business. BTW, he has his own business and he is very experienced.
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Elvin Elvin | 8 days ago
Well excuse me! He has his own business but wants YOU to put yours on hold?! I'm sorry, but I feel he is NOT being a bit fair to you. He should actually be encouraging you to start your own business instead of knocking you down! How does he know what the outcome is going to be as far as being together?! I feel this is very selfish on his part & he's not considering your feelings whatsoever. Do what YOU want by all means! He sure is doing as he pleases, why would/should he try to hold you back?! Continue on with your plans & see how things do work out. IF he was not meant to be, then he just isn't the rite person for you & your life. Rest assured there IS a someone for you if he isn't & maybe time will just tell if he IS the rite one...the best to you in every way...:)
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Amos Amos
Let me get this straight, he wants you to wait until for six months just to see how things will turn out? Is that right? So, the two of you can figure out what you want to do with the relationship? It sounds like he doesn't have faith in the relationship and no interest in your goals or dreams. Dump him and move on.
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Tony Tony
my initial reaction was to trash your bf. my second reaction was different - he has a point. he also knows you better than any of us, who don't. are you the type of person who is actually capable of running her own business and successfully? or are you the type you wants to own, but will bleed both parties into bankrupcy before the year is out? maybe it would be smart to chat with him more about this. i think his views about this being too time consuming, is a cover up for something he feels a lot more insecure about knowing you. good open honest and respectful communication is the key here.
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Ruby Ruby
He is jealous that you have a passion and a dream. It's all about jealousy. Don't let him hold you back! You will regret it! Yes he may own his own business. But he doeesn't want you to be as successful. He will feel like less of a man.
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Nell Nell
well,then he needs to grow up and see what you want out of life.Had similair thing with retired husband and could not take 24/7 of living with it.I wasn't ready for the rocking chair.Life was miserable because he wanted me to stay home and take care of him---him.He made my life miserable-never knowing what to expect,drunk or whatever,ended up quitting because I couldn't take pressure from home and work.work partime for about 1/5 of what i used to make and still tells how much I cost him. another story of his or her
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Louella Louella
So...it OK for your boyfriend to feel success and earn a good income, but it's not OK for you to....hmmm.. great catch.
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