Please read my fanfics?:)?

Please read my fanfics?:)? Topic: How to write a good summary for a story
July 23, 2019 / By Imogen
Question: Hey there, I've written two fanfictions that are really not very popular. I really want more people to read them, so it would mean the world to me if you gave my fanfics a shot. heres a short summary on them. the soul: its a host fanfic, pretty much going on from where Stephanie Meyer left on in the book. language of the heart: bella gets into a car crash and loses her voice. its all about her dealing with this. but im only on the prologue so far. yes, summaries here are horrible, but please give my stories a shot, they're better than they sound- i hope <3 I'm xoChocolateKissesxo thankyou! @ cathrl69 : Sorry but I do have good grammer and spelling when I write my fanfics, just for your information. I wrote this question in a hurry. My summaries for the story on fanfiction are creative and decent enough, but I can't remember them by heart and so I just quickly wrote down what the story is supposed to be about. And Stephanie Meyer is exactly how her name is spelled. No need to ***** about my writing skills, ok?
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Originally Answered: Why are 'slash' fanfics called that way?
Oh my goodness, I *LOVE* C&P. Good for you for taking it on! That was such an amazing, sweaty little book, wasn't it? I actually started War And Peace, and gave up after about 400 pages - not because it was, like, too *hard*, but because I was bored. I found Tolstoy's language far less artful, far more humdrum than Dostoevsky's. Maybe I had a dull translation, I don't know - but what I do know is reading Tolstoy was far easier. I don't think you need to be intimidated at all. But, wow, wasn't C&Psomething else? That dream about the horse. . . that had me crying, just sitting there in the cafeteria at work, crying over my Coke and my crackers. On one level, I wish I could *unread* that dream - it had me depressed for days. But that is the genius of it, you know? It left such an indelible impression on me. I say, go for it, and if you feel like quitting halfway through - ain't no shame! :)
Originally Answered: Why are 'slash' fanfics called that way?
Anna Karenina is understandable by Leo Tolstoy,, If you can read Fydor Dostejevsky you can read Anna Karenina ..I wouldn't recommend War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy because that has way too many characters and it's very long and one gets totally confused but the movie exists..watch ''War and Peace the longest and most difficult Leo Tolstoy work...with Audrey Hepburn in the leading role..x

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