How does the US gov't creating a bicameral legislature meet the needs of its people?

How does the US gov't creating a bicameral legislature meet the needs of its people? Topic: Different expository essays
July 24, 2019 / By Tayler
Question: I need information on how the US gov't creating a bicameral legislature meet the needs of its people over time since the creation of the bicameral legislature (Congress and House of Reps) to this day. I have to do an expository essay for my Political Science class, for now 6 pgs, later 8pgs. I have very little information on my question. I really need A LOT of information. PLEASE HELP!!
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Best Answers: How does the US gov't creating a bicameral legislature meet the needs of its people?

Robina Robina | 1 day ago
The success of ANY "representative" body depends on how committed the individuals in that body are to the idea of actually REPRESENTING WE THE PEOPLE. If they are NOT honest & ethical in their duties as REPRESENTATIVES, then the whole thing is a FARCE. total waste of taxpayer money to keep the lights on.... Ref: the 17th Amendment to the Constitution .... The idea was originally to have the two bodies, represent the nation in different ways and thus provide a balance. The Senate would represent STATES, and the HOUSE would represent districts, and therefore be closer to the individual Voters ... the system has become corrupt to the bone and does NOT serve WE THE PEOPLE at present. BUMMER! Please see my question...
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Moira Moira
It was a compromise to provide the states with less population equal say in government as states with large populations. Without the Senate, all legislation would be decided by the states like New York that have the most people. States with small populations would not get any representation. Without the House of Representatives, areas with less population would have the same influence as large populations, that would deny the large population representation.
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