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July 23, 2019 / By Moreen
Question: For our summer work, we were expected to write an admissions essay. I'm going to be a senior this year. However, I'm not exactly sure what is required or expected in an admissions essay, so would this be an interesting beginning? "I've been sitting here with my notebook in my lap and tapping my pencil over the blank page, wondering what I can write that would make me stand out from the thousands of other students applying for college. However, after going through numerous facts and details about myself, as well as potential bragging points, I realized I didn't want to talk about how cool I was. Not only does that seem rather pompous but it also must be incredibly boring to read. After going through essays all day, i can only imagine how many, "i'm extremely smart," or, "my athletic skills are otherworldly," or possibly even, "I put Jimi Hendrix guitar skills to shame," you have read. I figured i'd simply tell you a little bit about myself and let you make your own opinion of me. Life, after all, is all about the impressions we make of people, not simply what we tell you to think. If that was the case, then I could say I was an Pulitzer winning, FIFA world cup scoring, Grammy nominated, comedian supermodel and for all you know it could be true. Anyone can tell a person about themselves, but most of the time it's just a lie anyways. So why waste your time with something that isn't even true? Might as well be reading a story at that point, and one that hopefully is a lot more interesting than how incredibly cool I am. Because the fact is, I'm not a Pultizer winner. In fact, I'm simply a 17 year old girl who loves to write stories that some might find mediocre. But these stories come from my heart, and each word I write means something. I'm not careless or lazy, so I'm not going to demonstrate those qualities when it comes to my writing? I'm not a FIFA world cup scorer. I'm simply a high school varsity girls soccer scorer on a practically brand new team. I'm have not been nominated for any Grammy's. At least not yet. I sing soprano in my high school choir and get terrible stage fright when I'm told to do solos. Have you ever seen an arachnaphobic come face to face with a spider? My heart pounds just as bad and I feel like it'd be more practical to run in the complete opposite direction of my audience. As for the comedian? Some people don't find my jokes funny. My impeccable wit and sarcasm is sometimes not understood by other people. However, as long as there is that one person that understands it and laughs, that's really all that matters. Just like one-liners in movies. What is life if I say something like, "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse," or "ET phone home" and no one gets it? The supermodel part, yeah that's just completely unnecessary to even go into. If looks matter in an admissions essay than rock paper scissors will matter to a glass pitcher of lemonade." ok that's just stuff i'm playing around with. and i haven't written a conclusion or anything, it's just something that came to my head and i decided to write down. but would this be anywhere near something colleges look for?
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Lissa Lissa | 7 days ago
I think you are missing the whole point of the exercise. What's true about the purpose of the essay? It's suppose to help to get you accepted into a school of your choice, right? So, it's a school for crying out loud. You learn things there, you know? So, ask yourself this ... is the school going to be more interested in your accomplishments or your ability to learn? Test scores if you have them would be of interest because that shows your ability to learn. They might also be interested in why you want to attend that particular school, don't you think? Perhaps why you chose them and what you intend to do with the knowledge you gain studying there. Your plans for what you hope to accomplish would perhaps be of more interest to them. Not that you intend to win a Nobel prize, that's not what is important. What is important is all the people who will benefit from what you intend to do with your education and your life. What service do you intend to provide for mankind? Ahhh, now there's a question they might like to hear the answer to. And ... why is that important to you and how will it benefit others? Tell them about your passion for the good you intend to accomplish with your knowledge.
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Lissa Originally Answered: College Admissions Essay?
Ha, I just read your post on my question. thank god I'm not alone in this at all! I felt like I was the only one because most of my friends are gonna apply regular admission, but I honestly want to get this all over with before school starts! And everyone who I asked what they wrote about in their essays wrote depressing stuff. I want the person reading my essay to be inspired and not pity me. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck in this. And woohoo to class of 2012. We made it :)
Lissa Originally Answered: College Admissions Essay?
Have perfect spelling, grammar, write clearly, and don't be afraid to B.S. a lot. Don't write about about how you were emotional when your grandpa died, write about the time a major car accident happened in front of you and you were put into an emotionally demanding and life changing situation. Include the crying kids and the unconscious pregnant lady, and explain how the situation changed you as a person. Now, I'm not saying to use this idea, but do you get the point? Write about something interesting, if possible, even if you have to make it up. Make your essay stand out. Good luck.
Lissa Originally Answered: College Admissions Essay?
Do you know what Saint Joseph's University has for an essay topic? Most schools have a topic that you have to write about, but there are schools that allow you to write whatever you want. It's a better idea if you open the application (if it's available yet) and see what the topic is, if there is one before you start brainstorming ideas.

Karenza Karenza
dont brag!! they'll simply feel you're both boastful or making up matters to make your self appear well. making jokes isnt quite legitimate, even though you'll upload slightly persona- which will make you stand out. you must record the explanations why you selected that tuition to use to, what your objectives are, and subtly give an explanation for what youve completed to get you to that resolution. your essay wont subject if you happen to dont have a stellar gpa, fine sat rankings and plenty of significant extracurriculars, so ensure you're an fine candidate in any other case. if you're, THEN your essay will subject a excellent deal. it'll support the admissions determined among you and yet another similarly excellent candidate- apparently best scholars are rejected each and every yr from excellent faculties for no motive in any respect, or on account that their essays have been vulnerable. ensure you've gotten 2 or 3 non-partial persons proofread it and inform you what they feel earlier than you ship it in
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Karenza Originally Answered: How should I start college admissions essay? PLEASE HELP ME?
Aloha! Isn't essay writing super-fantastic!?! ;-) In any case, it strikes me that each child in a birth order faces different experiences. Being a middle child, you may not have gotten as much attention as a first child or as the "baby." I'm not sure if this applies to you, but if it does you might want to try starting there. Think about something you may have done or said -- something that really sticks out in your mind -- when you were trying to get your parent's attention. Or, maybe your older siblings and your younger siblings got into it a lot? Maybe you can think of an idea that has to do with you being in the middle of that? Really, don't stress too much. I'm sure you'll think of something really clever. I have found that if you just start writing often times things will come to you ... something that will pull it all together well or a great first line. Also, given your topic, don't be afraid to ask your family for help. Maybe if you give them an overview of your idea they might be able to help you with a first line! I hope I could help in some small way. Good luck! -- l. "Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten." -- Lilo, "Lilo & Stitch"
Karenza Originally Answered: How should I start college admissions essay? PLEASE HELP ME?
you could start with a catchy question like: "Have you ever felt like a rope in a tug-of-war game? My growing up years is quite confusing..." and whatever it is that you have to say. i am also a middle child, you know. the fifth among 9 siblings. tough...i feel completely alone growing up like nobody cares for me and that nobody could care less about what i think, say or do. luckily for me, i didn't go astray. instead, i managed to overcome all of my little troubles and complaints. i've grown wiser. wiser than my other siblings...the thing is, you are selling yourself here. you should come out like a very good example among children your age out there. talk about how you adjusted to the situation and how you come out to be the responsible person that you are right now. hope that helps. smile ^_^. you can make it to college.

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