Can i join the military with a misdimeaner?

Can i join the military with a misdimeaner? Topic: Dui case stories
July 21, 2019 / By Amon
Question: I had a dui in 2008 I think it was drop to a infractions. Last Monday I was at a bar and got in to a small dispute. Long story short he treat me he was going to shoot me I had an unloaded gun in my car because that day I had gone to a shooting range the gun is under my name said to him "you did not say that" he left the bar I got scare so I follow him and I got in my car and did the worst mistake in my life. I wave the gun to the air not at him.and told hem not to mess with me and not to even think about doing something stupid. So I left. Turns out he call the cops the girl bar tender knew the guy so they made a story that I pointed the gun in his neck. The gun was unloaded. No ammo in the car. Well I was pull over arrested and charge with a misdemeanor of exposing my gun and having it in my car it was only one charge a misdemeanor I had no money to fight the case so I took the no contest and took 90days in county jail and 36 month probation my question is if I decide to join the military by December of this year can I still do it? And if so once I'm out can I enroll to the laps or sheriffs dep? I am 25 years old I want a better stable future for my kids. I made mistakes in life but I want a future. So plz only real answers I am serious and I want to join the military. Thank you.
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Titty Titty | 9 days ago
You will most likely need a waiver for the DUI already depending on the final disposition. As for the charge you got now, I never heard of a misdemeanor getting closed out within a week, it's usually a month or longer to get it to court depending on the location you are in. Maybe your location is different. Anyway, you might be able to get a waiver for it in the future but you will not get one for it now. You can't enlist while you're on probation and December isn't 36 months from today.
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Titty Originally Answered: I want to join the military but need some help?
I live in Portland too, and I hate to say it, but there's no where near here that they would station you. You will probably be sent somewhere for boot camp, and then stationed or shipped out to where they need you. One thing that I would highly recommend though, is getting your college degree before you enlist. I personally didn't want to wait 4 years after high school before enlisting, so I'm getting my BA degree through online courses and George Fox courses too. ROTC is a great idea to start getting involved as well. Personally, I take tactical and combat training instead, but that's because I'm going for the CIA, and you need to be educated as well as meet the special forces standards to get in. Anyway, having brothers in special forces, I naturally favor those branches. MARSOC is the marines SOF, and they tend to do more covert and dangerous operations than the others. SEALS is another extreme that I would recommend, those guys are just plain bad***. You'll always have the choice of where you want to go, it just depends on how hard you are willing to work for it. I chose CIA because I'm a girl, and want to actually do something that involves combat. Anyway, talking to your recruiter is a good idea, they won't try to screw you over, just do your research. And if you don't choose SOF, try Marines. Good luck.
Titty Originally Answered: I want to join the military but need some help?
Hey go on the site http://www.goarmy.com/ I had questions just like you about the ROTC and they introduced the SMP and I'll put the site for that to on here. http://www.suu.edu/business/rotc/smp.html but the people on this go army site are actually soldiers that helped me and answered all my most that I was confused about...whether it was money or benefits, even educational benefits.

Rubie Rubie
Most states do not look are road rage. As a misdimeaner. As soon as you got in your car and brandished a weapon. It was a felony. And there are to many for them to pick from with clean records. As for as joining the sheriffs department I would get a little collage and. Join them. Good luck.
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Neilina Neilina
To my knowledge you can't, if that is the case it's been four years since your DUI, when five years comes about you can get a pardon which is the DUI being removed from your record.
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Neilina Originally Answered: SHOULD I JOIN THE MILITARY AT 30?
I think you should look at both the active military as well as the Air National Guard. Both offer some great education benefits for you and any active military enlistment also includes health care for you and your family. However it will still be tough on you financially the first several years because of your lower rank during that time frame. Once you get to your mid NCO ranks,E-5 and E-6, then things get a lot more rosy financially for military members because of the increased pay. Getting to that rank could take several to twelve years depending on what service and other things. That and the other drawback is that the military can be very hard on young married couples and their children. Military life includes a lot of stressors like extended family separation for instance that you don't have in civilian life and so the divorce rate is quite high. You might also look at the Air National Guard. Enlisting in them carries no full time benefits medically but does allow you to earn a few dollars more for attending drill every month. Again the pay is quite low in the beginning because of the low rank but it does also carry with it some great federal as well as state education benefits for college and trade schools that you could then use. However you are leaving your job and company for Basic and also training in whatever job you enlist for and might not have a job to come back to once that is completed and you are back at your Air National Guard unit. Also enlistment in both the Guard and Reserves is different in the sense you actually enlist for a specific job vacancy in a unit. Some jobs and the training you get then can set you up with a better job when you return back home so I think that also needs to be explored. Enlistment on active duty is not the same in that sense and you don't enlist into a specific unit ever and unit job vacancy at all. Instead its a little more like a crap shoot and what the active duty has open and your test scores qualify you for is what you are then slotted into. For the Guard and Reserves you only need the qualifying test scores and pass the required physical for the job. I would also favor the Air National Guard over the National Guard because they have more in the way of more technical jobs that would give you better in-like training for then finding a job on the outside upon your return after Basic and tech school. Also the Air National Guard is more education minded and progressive in their approach to things than the National Guard and its general mission of combat support and augmenting the active duty Army. If and when you talk to active duty recruiters you should ask if a six year enlistment will give you a guaranteed job enlistment contract. It might and with the qualifying test scores for it and passing the physical you might be able to get a better job with better training that carries over into the civilian world later down the road. Granted it's six years instead of four but two more years is not that long in the relative scheme of things. So I have given you a lot of info here very briefly to think about and do some research and reading on things about what I have condensed here for you. Also be aware that an active duty recruiters job is to recruit. In some ways dealing with them can at times be like playing poker or buying a car. It best to be smart and know a little about the above things as some recruiters can be unscrupulous about getting someone to enlist. They only keep their job in recruiting if they meet their quarterly quota on a recurring basis for getting individuals to enlist. So do your research and homework and avoid enlisting for something that might not translate into a good job on the outside later. The make a lot of jobs look interesting and challenging and some are while others are not like that all the time or translate into finding a good job later in the civilian world.

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