Chorus in Oedipus Rex by sophocles?

Chorus in Oedipus Rex by sophocles? Topic: How to write a play script in word
June 25, 2019 / By Ralphina
Question: I'm doing this for an english paper, and i just need an idea or two of how the chorus contributes to the dramatic development and tension of the play. an answer that will help me would be nice
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Melyssa Melyssa | 7 days ago
Sorry, but you are in a real pickle. If you have ever attended a performance of any Ancient Greek play (all have choruses) you will know what it is to be bored to near death. For modern audiences, choruses in Ancient Greek plays contribute nothing to the dramatic developmemt of the play. And they create tremedous tension in the audience who are driven to near-homicidal frustration. It is not possible to re-create in modern times the total cultural ambience and religion that audiences in Ancient Greece brought to a performance. The plays should be performed nowadays without the Choruses. Cutting sections of scripts that do not work for whatever reason is a proper practice in the theatre. (1) The choruses were meant to be danced while sung. We have no idea how they were sung, and so modern productions make the choruse drone on in monotome voices. (Very maddening and mind-numbing.) Ancent Greek plays were the equivalent to our Musicals. Dance and song were included to heighten the entertainment. Not to contribute to dramatic tensions. In Oedipuis Rex, especially, there is so much tension already in the plot, that any extra tension from the chorus will be totally destructive. In Greek times, the "entertainment" was religious, but spectacular, nevertheless. Nowadays, modern productions have the choruses chanting monotonously (stupidly). The nearest equivalent to an Ancient Greek play that we have, is "Jesus Christ, Superstar." In writing your paper about the Greek chorus, say exactly what you would say about how all the singing in "Jesus Christ, Superstar" helps the audience manage the rest of the bloody gruesome cruelty in the plot. (2) All Greek Tragedies were heavily instructive (didactic). The fun part was through intense poetic esthetics. The pleasure we get from witnessing and listening to the singing in "Jesus Christ, Superstar" is what the Ancient Greek audience would have experienced in hearing/seeing the chorus dance and sing. (No lip-synching deception in those days.) Have you had any education and performance experience in the esthetics of poetic expression? Probably not. Which means you are totally not qualified to even start appreciating the Greek chorus in any Ancient Greek play. Of course if you say any of the above in your paper, you will probably be given a failing grade. Sorry. Hence, what you have to do, is try to remember what the teacher said, and just give it back in your own words. Good luck.
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Jonna Jonna
Fact is Azradaniel gave you a really good answer that you probably don't dare to develop in your paper, so you say "an answer that would help me would be nice."
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