He doesn't want to meet up anymore - is his excuse credible or is it a bs?

He doesn't want to meet up anymore - is his excuse credible or is it a bs? Topic: Dissertation only degrees
May 25, 2019 / By Comfort
Question: Hey. We were meeting up for a short time in March and have had sex. The was an attraction on many levels, had a great time etc. Ok, we had sex too soon and it has left me a bit nervous about what he thinks of me etc. He has left for three weeks back to his town and I didnt get any messages from him at all, despite him promising he'll call. So after some time i sent him an angry message on FB saying that if he just wanted me for sex and has left, he could at least tell me as Im not just a piece of meat. He called a few days later when he got credit. He said he doesnt have access to internet at all and wasnt on FB. I felt soo stupid. I told him about the message, explained the reason behind it and to ignore it. He agreed and said he understands me. He doesn't live in my town - he just does a degree here and has just graduated. He is going Masters in September, but in a different city. The only thing he has to complete here is a dissertation and some exams. After that, at the end of May, he's leaving. For the summer holidays, he's going back to his country and comes back in Sept (but not back to my town). He's back in town and saw the message then. And that's why we haven't seen each other. We have spoken about it through the phone. He told me he likes me a lot, I'm great etc. I admitted I like him as well. The fact that it would end in one month isn't an issue for me and suggested we spend the time to the fullest. That it's just about having a good time, hang out, have sex etc. You know, just to enjoy the moment and have a good memory. He says it's not going to work out. He says that he wouldn't like me to get hurt at the end, he doesn't want 'just a fling', and that he's gonna end up very hurt because he would get closer and closer with me and knows he'll like me even more after this last month. So in his opinion, it's better to end it NOW. He kept apologising. I insisted on my idea though but have given him the choice - if he doesn't want it, fine (well, not fine at all...) and that's it. We both have lots of uni work to do now. He asked me to give him more time and he'll call in a week to discuss it further. I'm confused. I do get his point, but it upsets me that he doesn't even want to see me before he leaves (well, he denies it and claims he wants to, but is just being 'realistic'. Is his explanation valid? Or is it just a cozy BS to let me down easy? Jewel: bleh, stop giving answers for the sake of the points. I really ain't interested in stupid answers, thanks.
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Best Answers: He doesn't want to meet up anymore - is his excuse credible or is it a bs?

Berniece Berniece | 7 days ago
He is right. He will just fall for you more and more if you meet up again. If he doesn't just want a fling and doesn't want to get hurt then just accept it and move on.
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supply him the great thing about the doubt. this stuff isn't on a reachable time agenda. do not call the ER inquiring for names of human beings admitted. I propose, for one element, it could be the baby of a lady he's not married to and for this reason it may have her very last call. it really is invading his privateness. i comprehend of very few those who ought to call in on the first day as an excuse. and albeit, if it is going to develop right into a progression at the same time as he's employed for you, you are able to look into it. My first day on a job, i became 2 hours previous due because the roads were icy. Now, when I arrived, it became glaring why I were so previous due, and just about all of us were previous due too. i'm in simple terms putting forward it occurs, and there is not a lot anybody can do about it. Do you question each and every excuse that your workers furnish you with? is this a progression with you? Or do you look forward to them to furnish you a reason to mistrust you? i wish it really is the latter, and also you're literally not the type of boss who does force bys on his employees homes to inspect them (convinced, i have heard of it.) And P.S. Going to the emergency room does not propose you're admitted to the clinical institution.
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Theodore Theodore
There is no letting you down easy. You will not allow that. You took too seriously, what he poked at you in fun. You can not make a person love you. For all you know he may have dependents some where. He wanted to string you along, but you countered that. now he only has a fast get away left.
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Prosper Prosper
Could be I can't tell I'm not in front of him, but it sounds all emotional which for the most part guys aren't, sound like you was just a fling to be honest
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