Does the military turn people bad or is it that just bad people join the military?

Does the military turn people bad or is it that just bad people join the military? Topic: Essayists on the essayist
July 23, 2019 / By Johnna
Question: I know plenty of people who have been in the military and they are all scum bags. Just wondering if that is the only type that joins up, or is it that they were once nice people and the military made them all asses like they are?
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Best Answers: Does the military turn people bad or is it that just bad people join the military?

Gayla Gayla | 10 days ago
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. --George Orwell, (attributed) --English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 - 1950) Sleep tight Jack, you're safe because better men and women than you keep you that way even if you do not appreciate the sacrifice they make.
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Gayla Originally Answered: Have people forgotten what the US Military is?
FIRST OF ALL. suliman s. SHUT UP. Your homeland is full of injustice. You had a tyrant in power. Everything over there revolves around who has more men, and who has more guns. You have religious groups killing innocents with car bombs, suicide bombers, amongst other things. Elders infatuate the younger generations with ideas that they will go to Allah and get their virgins if they blow themselves up. But those Elders who go on preaching. are too cowardly to do that themselves. Your homeland is a third world country, unless you are royalty or something, you are POOR. So don't talk about poverty in the US. WE at least have Health care, and can decide who is the leader of our country. Also next time, pull out your grammar book, and take some English classes, because you sound like a 5 year old. Its like people that want to be a certain religion, don't like some of the rules, and want it changed. Well guess what, find some other religion. Same thing in this case. They walk in thinking the military owes them something. That guy who signed the CONTRACT was well aware of what he was getting into. Don't sign up to do something, if you do not like the rules. Plain and simple. People are just really dumb. They need to be shaved in order to keep up a sense of professionalism, as well as practical reasons. What if his beard caught on fire? What if they needed to perform a medical procedure on him, that hair may get in the way. I will just say, I don't think I have ever heard of something like that happening in the Marine Corps. Don't those Sikhs and Muslims want us to follow the rules in their country? Well how about they follow our rules in our country.

Deborah Deborah
I've served in the military for 26 years and have known only a handful of "scum bags". I kicked them out of the military. I think it says more about you and who you choose to hang out with than it does about the military. You are aware of how many of us there are and how few you have met? Also keep in mind that just because someone tells you they were in the military or are in the military does not make this true. This is one of the reasons so many people think most homeless are former military. It never occurs to them that the begger is lying to get some change.
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Britta Britta
properly officials receives a fee lots so i don't know why you'll not pick to be one , in spite of the undeniable fact that the justifications you stated are not extremely undesirable ones , a nasty reason could be to get bitches , which Ive truly heard human beings tell me that became there reason lol and the uniform it really is also a nasty reason in spite of the undeniable fact that the military is better for you guy the reason countless human beings pick now to not hitch is because they imagine they are going to be in strive against which isn't genuine yet there's a reason purely a million% of every person connect the armed forced countless lies and ignored assistance play an excellent position
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Alis Alis
Actually, the military has a great way of getting rid of scum bags. It's called order and discipline. If you can't cut it, you won't stay long. How many of these scum bag friends of yours actually served a full term in the service?
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Ulric Ulric
You need a new pile of friends if all you know are ex-military scum bags. They were scum bags before they went in. If YOU joined, you'd still be a jackass, with a piss poor attitude.
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Rio Rio
Maybe you only know scum bags. I met the nicest Navy Chief Petty Officer about 3 weeks ago. I didn't think it was possible.
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Mesech Mesech
The military is composed of over 3 million people. Just because the only ones you know are scumbags doesn't mean they all are.
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Josh Josh
Did you ever think you just attract scumbag friends? Try looking inward before generalizing the military. We have various personalities just like the rest of the population.
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Hanley Hanley
maybe its nothing to do with them having been in the army and just the type of friends you attract. And i bet they are no longer in the army if they are actual scumbags because they wouldn't be able to cope with the discipline. They Armed Forces are full of brave young and old men who give there lives for ungrateful people like you.
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Hanley Originally Answered: If you're in military school, do they allow you talk to to other people?
in basic training you rarely if ever get to use the phone and you never get to use the internet in MOS training you typically can use the phone, internet, ect

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