How should they meet? 10 points to first good answer?

How should they meet? 10 points to first good answer? Topic: How to write a man on the street story
May 25, 2019 / By Quinlan
Question: I'm writing a story, an original fiction, with an original character and a real celebrity. The celeb is a musician, Roger Daltrey, and the oc is named Abby Walburg. I have no idea how the should meet; all I know is they end up falling in love.
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Manasseh Manasseh | 4 days ago
Abby works at a bakery and has absolutely no interest in popular music, she is however a spirited young woman who likes to sing to herself. Roger Daltrey arrives at the bakery one day and buys a loaf of bread with a 100 dollar bill and leaves, refusing the change, his agent explains that Daltrey's a charitable man, but Abby says she's not a charity. The following day Abby arrives at the studio with 100 dollars worth in bread and buns. When security tries to throw her out she is seen by Roger Daltrey who's rather interested in this story. He takes the bread and promises to order lunch for his staff from that bakery later. Abby eventually asks someone who that is and people are amazed she doesn't know. Mabye later Roger's agent makes a comment about how 'fans will do anything to get in here' and the secretary tells them actually Abby didn't even know who Roger is. Roger is interested by this and goes to get lunch at Abby's bakery now and then. The story could go anywhere from there, Abby could discover a secret talent for singing but the agent doesn't like her while Roger does. Abby could be spotted by another record company, she could chase Roger to another city/state by selling her songs on the street... etc etc
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if you're good enough than they'll probably let you in, just as long as you have your high school diploma you can play for any college team if they want you.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
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Gershon Gershon
it would be sweet if abby was in the aduience at one of rogers concerts and she had a back stage pass and they see each other and they feel that connection and roger searches the world for her.
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Dom Dom
Maybe at a concert that her friend dragged her to and she gets his autograph and it is love at first sight Or maybe they fall in love when he is is disguise and then he takes off the disguise (they could meet anywhere for this, like a bar, or the mall or anywhere) Or they could both meet while walking their dogs
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Bradburn Bradburn
Yahoo Answers!!!! It all started when the celebrity asked a question..... OR Twitter!!!! It all started when he sent a tweet...
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It is alright, clean it up. There are a lot of spelling errors. It was kind of plain and cliche. You do too much telling. "I felt this then I felt that", you need to press yourself to expand your style. Try creating more complex sentences. And show the story.

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