I am a teen and I want to meet new people?

I am a teen and I want to meet new people? Topic: People writing letters back home
May 25, 2019 / By Sheldon
Question: I'm never invited to any parties or events and I never know about them either. My friends are always busy and I'm always bored at home. Where could I go or what are some things I could do to meet people that are free (or cheap if necesary)?
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Nogah Nogah | 6 days ago
Well letter writing is a lost art and I really think this is a great way to meet new people: http://www.writeaprisoner.com/ I met several nice fellows that way and they always write back because what else do they have to do?
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Nogah Originally Answered: Where do 40 something singles go to meet people?
DFW used to have a really neat social meeting operation that functioned at two levels: one mostly big and social and the other smaller and Christian. The basic Idea was to give people something in common for the evening, so people were assigned to groups of 8-10 at random as they came in and the groups met for an hour or so and discussed the question(s) of the evening in small rooms (hotel rooms mostly). Besides having time to look over the 5-6 people of the opposite sex in the group, the topic gave the chance for discussion when the whole group reassembled for noshes and drinks. The large group was paid admission that covered noshes and a couple of drinks; the small group was "bring something to eat" or pay. Don't know if this is still around. Otherwise some possibilities are co-ed athletic events (volley ball, baseball, tennis) sponsored by churches, YMCA/YWCA's, city rec centers; arts related tours of museums and gallery openings and art fests; and neutral open events like the balloon fest at Celina this weekend (if it stops raining) or Plano later on; heritage days that are common in the fall, harvest events. I think the important thing is to find things you are interested and can talk about without having a formal presence (like to to a play or movie expecting to pick someone up) and get away from the formal stalking of the bars. Depending on your attraction or aversion to churches, many in the DFW area have singles groups that have non-religious activities - sports, arts, etc. When I was single, I found a group to have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with almost every year that I wanted to in several different churches without being forced into a commitment to join any of them. In some cases, the events were tied to a charitable act (like singing carols at an old folks home) that I had no problems joining in. The key in some cases is simply saying, "This has been fun, I'll be coming back. Could I ask you to join me in a snack or coffee before you go home?"
Nogah Originally Answered: Where do 40 something singles go to meet people?
Try an interest type of group that you enjoy....that way you will be with others that have the same interest. Dancing? Sports? Going to shows and theatres? find a singles group? Or try church. Don't think the Internet is a good idea.
Nogah Originally Answered: Where do 40 something singles go to meet people?
What do you love doing? Then find a group/club involved in that activity. If you like reading, join a book club, if you like working out, sign up in a gym. Its always easier to connect with others who share the same passion.

Kris Kris
Are you an introverted person? If so, you have to step out of your shell have characteristics and style. That's possibly one reason why you were never invited to any occasions. You can go find a job, start a conversation at a park, bookstore, souvenir store..etc. I knew someone who pulled a Forrest Gump with a girl at a park by starting a conversation with her, and now both of them are in a relationship.
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Kris Originally Answered: Whats a way for teenagers (14-16) to meet new people online?
Mariel is correct that these social networking sites can be a good way to meet new people but you also have to be careful. I don't use myspace because of the uncontrollable crazy pop-up windows, but I joined Facebook a few months ago and it's been great. Perhaps the best thing for me has been connecting with my nieces and nephews, who live in other towns. I only get to see them once a year, and always felt like I was missing watching them grow up. With Facebook I can communicate with them everyday, see their pix, see what they're up to and what's on their minds, and I've become quite close to some of them. This makes me so happy to the point of tears almost every day. I feel like they are with me, and this wouldn't have been possible with other forms of communication like telephone or email. In terms of meeting new people, nine of my Facebook friends I have never met in person before, mostly recommended by my other friends. That's remarkable because I haven't even been trying to meet new people. Of the nine, three of them I chat with more than anyone else on Facebook, and I consider them close friends now (Facebook has a P2P chat function, like IRC but without file sharing). Also, even though I'm an "old" man, I befriended two young women on Facebook because we have similar obsessions with Regina Spektor's songs (you may remember from an insane answer I gave to one of your previous questions!). None of my "old" peeps understands my obsession, so these connections provide vital "nourishment" to a large chunk of my brain. One of them was only 16, and turned out to be really charming and clever and fun, and since then we've become friends beyond our interest in Ms. Spektor. Although this has been great for me, I am the first to acknowledge that there can be at least an appearance of impropriety when an older man befriends a teenager, and unfortunately there are a lot of creeps out there with malicious intentions. In the case of this young peep, she's 17 now and smart enough to take care of herself, but her older sister befriended me to check out my info and my peeps and make sure I didn't hurt her sister. That's fine with me, and in fact I'd do the same thing if I had a younger sister or daughter. But your first line of defense will be your other friends, who will be able to see everything that's "written on" your Facebook "wall". If someone writes something rude or creepy or inappropriate, your friends will see it and say "hey, get rid of that jerk!" But there are other things you have to watch out for. Facebook has private email, which your friends can't see. Someone could send you a creepy email or chat request, but then you can delete that guy. The most insidious threat comes from people who are not who they claim to be. If you befriend someone you haven't met, you have to do your homework. Check out all their pictures and make sure that they have family and friends in some of them, and that their family and friends are "tagged" in them and have made comments about the photos. You can also look at their friends list and make sure their friends and family members are there. Check out their profile information and wall and see if they look like a teenager's. If you get a bad feeling, delete the person or get a second opinion from one of your peeps. If you like what you see, initiate a chat with the person. Although it would take considerable work, it's possible that some depraved individual could create an elaborate network of fake friends, fake pictures, and fake information, to make it look like he's someone he's not. But it's extremely difficult for a non-teenager to pass himself off as a teenager in a live chat. I know I could never do it. Ask questions about his high school, teachers, friends, parents, siblings, favorite subjects, bands he likes, etc., lots and lots of questions. I doubt that a non-teenager will be able to fool you. There are also lots of groups on Facebook that you can use as a filter for new friends. You can join groups that interest you, e.g., Regina Spektor or Jonas Brothers, and chat there with people who share your interests. They will not have access to your info until you feel comfortable with them and send them invitations. Finally, your best defense is that you're on the internet and no one will know where you are or where you live. Don't put your personal information in your profile page, and don't give it to anyone you're not comfortable with. My nieces and nephews just put "ask" in the address, email, and phone number fields. Anyone who needs to know already knows, and if you find a new friend you trust you can pass it on. For a location you can use your county or state since you live in a small town. Facebook has a fairly elaborate system of options to protect your privacy, but unfortunately it's difficult to grasp (at least for me). But take the time to learn it and understand who can see your info, and you will be able to meet new friends in a safe environment.
Kris Originally Answered: Whats a way for teenagers (14-16) to meet new people online?
No website is safe for a kid like you, so wait. You'll have 30-40 year olds asking you questions I don't like to mention and/or could fall for it.

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