Do you write in a Diary or a Journal?

Do you write in a Diary or a Journal? Topic: Writing in a diary online
June 20, 2019 / By Emmet
Question: I though diaries and journals were stupid I started an online blog and liked writing in it but i don't anymore I emailed my psychiatrist as a way of journaling Now I want to start writing in a journal to help me deal with my feelings I really like this purple one I found on-line LOL Do you write in a Diary or a Journal ?
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Clinton Clinton | 2 days ago
I write in a journal and I'm an adult, I just think something there are things I'm either mad about or stressed about that I don't need to express to other people so I just write it down and get over it. I also journal about really good days too, and it's actually really interesting to look back to old journals from years ago and see how far I've come.
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Clinton Originally Answered: Help! How to make a fake diary?
Making a fake diary sounds like too much work, why not just pretend you lost yours? Complain to your sister begging her to give your diary back, pretending that you can't find it. This will confuse her and probably cause her to look in different places. As for hiding your diary, add velcro to it, and place the other side of the velcro to something weird (back of your closet door, bottom of your desk) and just stick it their when you're done, in different weird places every time. (Or just go digital and write your diary on your computer)

Anscomb Anscomb
Both i think are fine. But there are different uses for each, such as a diary is made for more personal topics or deep topics. A journal however, is made for more of a "writing about your day" type thing. Writing how your day went, sort of a way to relax. Journals are also good for writing out plans for the day so you can refer back to them, or maybe you write and question and have a answer to it and you can go back to write it. Seeing that you want to deal with your feelings i would use a diary, because that way you can just pour yourself out onto the paper. I use both. Hope i helped!
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Traci Traci
Yes, I write in a journal. I write a page or two every day and someday I will hand it down to my grand children. I hope you get back into writing it is a great way to express yourself. Anytime ~Gracie <3
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Saffie Saffie
well haha i write in a notebook but i like to call it my Journal :) haven't wrote in it for days though.
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Nevada Nevada
Use too. Not now. If I got something on my mind, then I tell someone instead of writing it down.
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Nevada Originally Answered: Do you keep a journal?
I used to keep a diary also. But then my brother showed it to his friends so... haha I decided it'd be best to keep my thoughts to myself in my head, and not write it on paper just in case it gets in the wrong hands.... :)

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