How do celebrities where 5 inch stiletto heels?

How do celebrities where 5 inch stiletto heels? Topic: Case stiletto
May 25, 2019 / By Winona
Question: I LOVE high heels and am a shoe fanatic. But I can't seem to get over the 3 inch hump. I am not really sure how to walk in heels that are 4 or 5 inches. Celebrities seem to do it with ease. I rarely see a celebrity not wearing 5 inch heels during a performance. How can I wear these? Is there a special way to walk in them? How can I get used to it and balance on such thin heels, like a stiletto?
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Sharyn Sharyn | 4 days ago
Practice and slowly move up. If you wear your 3 inch heels every day, even if just for a couple of hours, you will find you can move up to 3 1/2 inch heels after a few months. Move on from there. If you are thinking you can walk in 5 inch heels with the same manner as a pair of flats, that isn't the case, and never will be. If you think wearing 5 inch heels is comfortable, they always will have discomfort and pain after awhile. But they are soooo worth it. Go for it, take your time, but don't give up. You will get there. With dedication and willing to put forth the effort, you will get there.
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Sharyn Originally Answered: Have you ever worn or own 6 inch heels (no platform) and if so, could you handle them and what about comfort?
A good rule of thumb for buying high heels is that they at least be comfortable in the shoe store. No pair of new high high heels is comfortable for six hours or more until broken in. Then practice, practice, practice, stairs, sand , docks , concrete , grass etc. And always remember to take another pair with you in case they just f=g hurt to much. And never wear them to impress some guy wear them for height. No guy is worth any pain. Rule I have learned.

Pamela Pamela
I used to be the same about heels but I walk well in 4" heels. You need to make sure they feet your feet well because if they are to small or big you feet will be smashed or move around a lot which can make them really uncomfortable. I would suggest wearing shoes like these: http://belloiris.com/foxy-classicstilett... They are almost 3-3/4" and they don't have a huge arch which will give you more comfort.
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Marcia Marcia
believe it or not, there are special trainers to teach you to walk in even 8 inch heels. I'll have to say, 5 inches are painful, but if you REALLY want to, buy a super comfortable/cute pair and practice in them by wearing them whenever you're home. but put sharp objects away because if you trip....
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Kirsten Kirsten
practice walking on the balls of your feet? when I was younger I did this absentmindedly and I can wear heels with ease now... but you look really retarded when you do it, though. haha. hope I helped!
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Janie Janie
great answer Mona Lisa. i could purely upload that he particularly has some confusions and curiosities, yet that doesn't make him gay. extra importantly, why are you so apprehensive approximately it? Is it that massive of a topic if he's gay? what sort of mothers and dads do you have that could kick out their son purely for bypass dressing? sort of provides somewhat perception into the confusion your brother has... yet Freud is for yet yet returned
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