Do you ever make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like crap when you tell him/her you need more space?

Do you ever make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like crap when you tell him/her you need more space? Topic: Homework space ideas
June 25, 2019 / By Harris
Question: i dont take it awfully well when my fiance tells me she needs space to breathe , it just makes me feel like a piece of sh*t , and like im always ******* up, or that i care for her more than she cares for me..i know it is nothing like that at all..i just take it very personal because if it were up to me i could have her around me 24/7 without her getting annoying, but it seems like i can only be around her like 10 hours , 2 days a week before she starts needing more space..I love her company and it just makes me feel like my company annoys her..i have no idea how she will be when we are actually living together. we both love eachother but have very different space issues, that includes seeing eachother, texting and phone calls..i guess im just to damn clingy sometimes, im sorry to the ladies who hate guys like that, i just really love her and being with her..
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Eldred Eldred | 4 days ago
Some people just need alone time. I'm one of those people- very introverted. It takes a lot of energy for me to deal with being around other people all the time, even if I care about those people very much. I get drained when I'm around my S.O. for more than a few hours. I care about him a lot, but I start feeling low on energy and tired and just all-around blah. Also, if she's hanging out with you all the time she might not be getting done stuff that needs to be done- things like chores, homework, or hanging out with friends.
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1) two years is not really that much of a difference. 2) in 4 years you will be 20 and 18 and then the two years will be nothing. 3) if you two are happy with each other, then the whole rest of the world can go f _ _ _ itself. it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. 4) she is crying because of what the other people are saying to her. hug her tightly and tell her that you care for her very much and you will protect her from the other people. 5) what the hell kind of interviews is she going to that they are asking her whom she is dating??? when someone asks her that, tell her to say that is is none of their f _ _ _ ing business!!! 6) when people make comments to both of you, tell them that they are just jealous cause they don't have a beautiful girl friend like her. write back and let us know how you are doing. or hit me up: [email protected]

Cary Cary
right here is something you're able to be able to desire to comprehend and the faster you do, the happier you would be. Your fiance nor every physique else can not make you sense something. that's totally your thoughts and that they pop out of your head in ordinary terms. no person reaches in there and turns the buttons yet you. you are the only one fairly on top of problems with the form you react to the enter from others. That pronounced, attempt to locate something else to do such because it sluggish once you sense the urge to be clingy. I mean it. in ordinary terms you already know once you initiate off feeling insecure and feeling the urge to come to a decision directly to be together with her. locate an interest to maintain your self busy and be autonomous. in actuality, be very autonomous to the element the place she has to ask to your small business employer. does not that be a transformation? She'd in all risk decide for to be waiting to chase you slightly. Having a guy around each and all of the time can get rather uninteresting and likewise provides the visual charm to others which you're emotionally susceptible and needy. Are you? extra suited examine your self and end blaming your lady.
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Allister Allister
You sound exactly like my ex......which is one of the reasons he has that title. I agree with the first answer completely. I need my alone time, and if you don't give it to me, things will not work out. Don't take it personal because that will be an even bigger turn off. We do not want to hurt your feelings, we are just listening to ours. It can be a real big energy drain being with you all the time (again, not personal). We need time to ourselves, without worrying about pleasing you (looking good, giving you our undivided attention, generally keeping you happy). Just do your best to understand where shes coming from. That will attract her to you more.
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Temple Temple
my guess is she is second guessing the relationship..i mean if she cant stand to be around you for more then that that how is she goin to marry you..? you guys need to have a heart to heart ..see where you guys are in this if ya'll are on the same page..
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