Could you please read this stroy and tell me what you think?

Could you please read this stroy and tell me what you think? Topic: How to write a good song about your crush
June 27, 2019 / By Riordan
Question: Okay so its pretty bad, but i was in a weird mood last night and worte it about midnightish cos i couldnt sleep also after you read the story would you please be able to give me some advice on my situation. She sat staring, drowning in a tsunami of thoughts; she hardly even recognised the playlist of love songs she had created hours before. How could this have happened to her, she had always been so unlucky in love, and with just one look, she had fallen for her neighbour. No. This isn’t quite like one of those stories, where a boy and girl grow up together and are best friends and finally fall in love in their teenage years, however their families had been planning their marriage since they were both born. This story is different... She had known him since his family moved into her court when she was just six years old, with the families the kids, unknowingly, had started a neighbourhood group, her with her two sisters, one older, and one younger, him with his older brother and sister and the only child who also lived across the road. For years the group had regular picnics in the park and played games on the lush grass, he was younger than her, by nine months, so she always saw him as just her little neighbour, no one special, just the boy that she could easily catch while playing cops and robbers, in fact if she had to choose someone to be her boyfriend at that stage, it would’ve been his older brother, who was 18 months older than her, but yet, that was still unthinkable. As they progressed into high school, the picnics stopped, as did the games in the park, in fact the group never hung around together, and rarely were ever together, except for her and the girl who lived across the road as they progressed into the same high school. Her first major high school crush was with a farm boy in year 8, he was sweet boy, flirtatious but frigid, but nothing was to come from it. She experienced her first heartbreak when the same boy got his first girlfriend the very next year. She was left devastated and bawled her eyes out for weeks each night. As she progressed into her senior years of school, year 11, she was no stranger to heartbreak. After a boy she had worked with gave her his number and sent her sweet messages each day, a month later he got a girlfriend, but continued to flirt with her. Another boy started to pay attention to her for a while, he had a gained a reputation of being a kind talented young man, however he grew bored with her after a week, and his kind reputation took a downturn. She was feeling as though she was wearing boy repellent or something, they seemed to be running in the opposite direction. She didn’t feel as though she was pretty, but she was sure she wasn’t that ugly, but she feared more, that maybe it was her personality. For her whole life everyone had told her what a kind hearted girl she was, but maybe boys didn’t find this as attractive as other traits. One of her friends has boys grovelling at her feet, because she had the boobs, the body and the face, yet she wasn’t the nicest of girls, as she had a boyfriend who attended a different school, yet madly flirted with the boys that attended her school. She has many sleepless nights wondering what was so wrong with her, she was sixteen and still never been kissed, she had had the odd kiss on the cheek but nothing real. It was time for the annual camping trip with all her family friends. A farm family with a girl two years younger than herself, yet the craziest most entertaining girl she had ever met, a boy her age who was extremely nice, but very vague, and the oldest son, who was an eighteen year old who had always been an attractive guy even as a little boy, of course he brought along his beautiful girlfriend. Next was the family of six, 4 kids, one her age, another the age of the farm girl, a boy who was the age of her little sister and a little seven year old. The only way to describe the whole family, mad. A she had known these kids for as long as she could remember. Next was her neighbours family and her own. It all started when he decided to go for a swim, he had taken of his top revealing a tanned visible six pack. She laughed to herself as by that stage she still saw him as her little boy neighbour, laughing at the way he had progressed into a man, but was still a little boy to her. She turned around to see the youngest child of the farm family staring at his chest, everyone knew that the 14 year old farm girl absolutely adored him, even he must’ve known, yet he didn’t give anything away. As he was getting out of the brown ice cold water the two of them made a forceful eye contact, a very flirtatious connection. The two of them smiled shyly and playfully. She felt something for him that she had never felt before, and for once she saw the teenager that he was, it hit her, hard. And in that split second she realised that she had gained feelings for this boy, her neighbour, someone she had known for her major
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Best Answers: Could you please read this stroy and tell me what you think?

Meshech Meshech | 6 days ago
Please add more! Its good. I think you should finish it and then after its done, go through it and edit it. Take out the over information, but that's just my opinion, a lot of people make a lot of money off of that. I do have one critique, "It all started when he decided to go for a swim..." That didn't make much sense, like it seemed kind of thrown in there. It just didn't seem right. Good job and keep writing!
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Joshaphat Joshaphat
Are you English? Because " Farm Boy," totally gave it away. I'm just saying. Umm, well you definitely have to many characters to count so you might want to cut down on the number of people that go on this trip. Also, I wasn't sure-at the end of the story- if the neighbor was giving his sweet stare at the 14 year old girl or the main character. Hope I've helped!!
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Once, there was once a bat who lived at the banks on River Li. By day, he almost always hung along with his feet clutched tightly to a limb of the tree where he lived. He many times flew at night time, patroling the air and feasting on mosquitoes. There additionally lived a nightingale within the identical tree; she slept by way of the day as good, however at night time she sang. The emperor and his royal court docket joined him nightly on the financial institution simply to hear the little chicken. Because the emperor himself got here to listen to her songs, the little nightingale grew to be useless and attempted to belittle the bat. "Aren't you ashamed, Bat?" requested the chicken. "Going round flitting your wings, consuming the ones disgusting mosquitoes. I pity your pathetic lifestyles!" The bat didn't reply to the chicken's harsh phrases; he was once nonetheless monitoring a mosquitoe, and as soon as he stuck and ate it he spoke back, "It's an primary lifestyles. IMPORTANT?!" The nightingale was once stunned, so in an enraged, snobby tone, she stated, "My lifestyles is larger than anyones! I sing to the emperor!" she stated proudly. The bat stated, "Without me, the emperor could not ever have come." With a smirk, the nightingale spoke another time in a softer tone, "He does not come for you. He comes to listen to me sing. You are as unimportant as the ones mosquitoes you consume!" The bat flew off with out announcing an additional phrase. The subsequent night time, the bat did not fly as he mostly, however the chicken sang extra superbly than she ever had earlier than. The emporor and his royal court docket had been getting eaten up by means of mosquitoes, they usually grew to be so frustrated with the insects that they left. Heart damaged and ashamed, the little nightingale apologized to her buddy. "I'm so sorry, my buddy, for with out you, I could not ever see the emperor once more. I am real sorry, and also you had been proper. You are primary," the nightingale stated. With regret the bat spoke in a delicate, soothing tone. "I forgive you. You are my buddy, and expectantly you might have discovered your lesson." "Yes, sure I have! I was once now not being a well buddy and I will not ever belittle anybody once more," The subsequent night time the emporor got here again, so the 2 labored in concord. The nightingale sang superbly, and the bat stored the entire mosquitoes away and labored exceptionally rough to capture them while the emporor and the royal court docket got here to benefit from the songs in order that the nightingale would sing. THE END
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