My son is six and still can't read?

My son is six and still can't read? Topic: How to write a play script in word
July 24, 2019 / By Noni
Question: My son recently turned six and still can't read or write. Is there something I can do to help or put him in a program.
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Maachah Maachah | 9 days ago
I know its natural to be concerned, but I wouldn't be. Read to him every night, show him what cool things you can find out from reading. Go to the library, let him pick his books. Just keep his interest alive and that should be more than enough. When he's ready to read, he will. In addition, writing itself isn't THAT important just look for stuff that will help him trace. If you can find any ABEKA books they're pretty good (they have a religious element to them; just an FYI) but they teach script right away and the child understands boundaries between words. Finally, mine was a slow/reluctant reader. He still is. I thought for ages he just didn't know how. He did. He just didn't want to. He's in 5th grade now and reads at a 7th grade level, again not because he likes to read but the things he's interested in (prehistoric era, fantasy books etc) requires that he reads to understand. Oh, Pokemon nintendo game encouraged my one to read also. Again, it was required if he wanted to learn how to play and I refused to help LOL Don't worry, he'll be fine.
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Kelcey Kelcey
Do not give him the idea that there is something wrong with him. Check his surroundings. I was a Reading tutor. A boy came to me and he could barely sit on the chair next to mine. I said let's talk about reading. I can't read I'm dumb. Wow, I don't think you are dumb. What makes you think so? Daddy calls me Dummy, come here Dummy, get over here Dummy. My brother says I'm stupid. Daddy always calls me Dummy. Daddy DOESN'T LIE. I told him that the next time somebody talks to him and calls him by a name that isn't his....he needs to say My name is Peter. Call me Peter. Do not answer to a name that isn't your own. Well, this little boy ( not Peter really) jumped two grade levels in reading in a few months. Check and see what negatives your son might be living with.
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Ireland Ireland
My brother used to hate reading books so we used to (and still do) buy him comic books. He learnt to read that way. My niece, 5, loves writing and we buy her worksheet books. Maybe try one with your son? You can get ones with dots that you join up to make letters, and you can do this for free yourself. She goes to chapel and they also did this with her. We used to read to her all the time and would point to the words. She now reads to us books from school. She even wrote a story for me, copying her mum's writing. They are just ideas and may not work, but give them a try. If he still isn't reading by christmas, then take him to your doctor and ask for him to be assessed for dyslexia. Good luck!
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Elenora Elenora
Maybe he reads backwards that why he cant read, that you'll have to take him to a doctor for, if its not that, he needs to be put into a program, i was when i was little just to help me advance and really get it. the school might have something for him
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Cherokee Cherokee
I suggest you use a special program called soundreading.com Its helped a lot of people! It would be good for your son:) Hope I helped! GOOD LUCK!
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Ashlyn Ashlyn
i couldn't read when i was six but now im 13 and im one of the fastest readers in my class! i didn't like reading and saw it as something i had to do but i found some books i liked and my mum made me practise.
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Zidkijah Zidkijah
He's just in the age when he should start learning. Kids learn a lot from leap pads, I know. And he's old enough to start going to school. If not that then start homeschooling him.
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Sloane Sloane
Beat the knowledge into him. Nothing says "I love you" like the grapes of wrath jutting from your skull.
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