Okay I got a essay and i don't get how to do it?

Okay I got a essay and i don't get how to do it? Topic: Write about your future essay
June 20, 2019 / By Annis
Question: i don't know what to write about the subject is about my like outline the first paragraph i have is supose to be bout my name and myself what am i supose to write the second is family third home life fourth is experience i don't relly get this one the last is future can anyone help me with my outline?
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Best Answers: Okay I got a essay and i don't get how to do it?

Yahveh Yahveh | 3 days ago
well... first para: write all about yourself, eg. name, d.o.b, likes dislikes, etc etc. sec para: write about your family, eg. parents, siblings, heritage, etc. thrd para: write about what sort of life you have at home eg. laid back, busy, very family oriented, etc. fourth para: write about things you have experienced that helped you learn something either about yourself, others, or any other mattter. experiences can include like, travelling to different countries, trying new hobbies, whatever you like. last para: write what you think is going to happen in your future, what you hope/want to happen, careers, starting a family, basically what path your going to take. idk if this will help but its what i'd write lol.
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Shelby Shelby
well... for the first paragraph, maybe try and find the history of your name. such as "micheal" might have a relationship to "michealangelo" or something. for the next part, just write things about you. likes/dislikes, heritage, things people might not know. second: put your families background. if youre jewish, put history of your family being in the holocaust. and include your immediate family and things about them. third: describe basically your home life. describe your house, why you live in the area you do (rural, city, etc) how your life is lived in your house. fourth: experience in anything. job, volunteer work, maybe playing an instrument?, sports, etc. future: what you expect out of your future, what you want to have as a professional career, family, college, kids, etc
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Noel Noel
on babynames.com, find out what your name means. From your parents find y they gave you this name. write about your like and dislikes. heritage second write about your family, whos in it, what are they like what do you do with them. where you came from your culture home life what kind of stuff do you do at home what do you do after school what kind of a house and area you live in i dont really get the fourth 1 either but if i had to guess what kind of things youve experienced in life? for example moving or something and the future write about what you see yourself as in the future like what college you will go to what your job will be if youll have a family.. this kind of stuff hope i helped! :-)
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Kourtney Kourtney
Family - Well, your family, who's in your family, what your family does, family things. Home life- who you live who, what you do at home, etc. Experience - What you've done, what you've experienced, life things. Future - What you want to be in the future, career, etc.
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