Anybody here who is a band member?

Anybody here who is a band member? Topic: How to write a pop punk song lyrics
July 23, 2019 / By Bambi
Question: Hello. I am writing a book that revolves around a rock band. But I've never been in a band nor are there any people whom i know are. I am unable to hunt them down as well. Because of that, i don't get any vague idea about what goes on inside the music room, when only the band members are together. How they compose a song, how they use musical terms while talking, how their time passes. But these things are really essential in my story, and that's the problem. perhaps you could help me in some way? i mean, you could answer some of my questions, like, how do you interact with each other - normally or in any other way? How are your songs composed - first lyrics, then tunes, or like that........ and do you use a lot of slang or abusive language or just plain common english (that is because a lot of rrock starstoday use it and they also appear in flashy different and striking costumes...) Have you had any experience of you or your bband matetaking drugs or alcohol, or smoking? and there's also one last question : suppose you made up a song, then how do you get a record company, and what exactly is signing a record deal? i'll be very very grateful if you answer this last question in detail. pplease its really important for my story - my professors and teachers have looked at the storyline and they say it is so nice that it can get published! if you are willing to share any of such experiences, you can also email me at [email protected] please, please,please! P.S. - Be Honest!
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Addie Addie | 2 days ago
well, i'm a solo artist and i think that explaining to somebody else what happens behind scenes is pretty difficult, and well, to get a record company is sometimes hard, but nowadays, we have youtube, lastfm, grooveshark, and a lot of pages on the internet which can be used to promote yourself... the way of interacting with my musicians are not as a leader because of my scene presence, we are all a good team and they're always suggesting me how to make a song sound better or which sounds i need to add to my music, etc... also is important to improve when you're live, you should play songs in different ways depending of the people listening, also i often cover songs by my musical influences, but i also write my own songs... the lyrics are first, and then i play them according to what i want to transmit to people... about the language we use, well we try to use only plain words, because it's important to understand to each other to avoid confusions or fighting... i don't personally drink, or smoke or use drugs, and i don't think that using those things could help to a musician, just notice that the most notable drug user in the musical scene such as amy winehouse, are a shame, and other ones have died because of getting high (kurt cobain, jimi hendrix...), and for last, always being on the musical scene allows you to coexist with other bands and musicians, and it's cool to have some other friends in music, i play country music, but not all my friends are into country, i have some friends in the blues scene, in the punk rock scene, and in the pop punk scene, and i also have a girlfriend who is also a singer... um well i don't know what else to add, so i hope that my statement could help you... cheers! :)
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