Army Application. what do they ask?

Army Application. what do they ask? Topic: A research paper is army
June 20, 2019 / By Haniel
Question: hi everyone i wanted to know what do they ask you in an army application? primarly i want to know, if they ask you for your availability -- (how fast can you join, etc.).. i need this for an analogy im doing, if you can please answer that would be great, thanks! im not joining i just need to know for research, but i dont have time to go to a recruiter because i need it by tuesday. I want to know mostly if they ask you how soon can you leave, etc.
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Edson Edson | 5 days ago
It's not so much an interview as a long process that starts at the recruiter's office. After a bunch of initial paper work (which asks prior medical issuse, drug issuses, felonies), you go to MEPS and get further health screening. Once you're medically cleared, then you can talk to someone about your job choice, date you can leave, bonuses, etc.
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Edson Originally Answered: I can not seem to find an Army ROTC application paper ANYWHERE online. Not even on the army website. help?
The high school scholarship application is on the Go Army website as indicated in another answer.... http://www.goarmy.com/content/dam/goarmy... .... but it no longer links to the full application packet. That is available here: http://rotc.unlv.edu/Cadet%20Forms/High%... Good Luck!
Edson Originally Answered: I can not seem to find an Army ROTC application paper ANYWHERE online. Not even on the army website. help?
first of all, disregard what Bob F wrote. there is no MEPS. I AM IN ARMY ROTC. i am in the program that was just named the NUMBER 1 PROGRAM WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI. so i think i know what im talking about. some people have told you about the money (monthly stipend). you only get it once you become contracted. and to become contracted, you must pass the APFT. you also receive $600/semester for books. if you dont use all $600, the rest is yours. and all of this money is non-taxed! rotc is not like bootcamp. at some schools (Westpointe, The Citadel, TX A&M, and others) it may be much tougher than most. the only reason to attend one of these would be for prestige. i am contracted. pt is M,W,F from 0600-0700. formation is at 0545. pt is not grueling if you have good attendence. it is meant to prepare you for the APFT, therefore we run, do pust-ups and do sit-ups a lot. we have the regular military science class 2 times a week. this is where we learn everything in a formal school enviornment. and thursday is our leadership lab. it lasts around 3-3.5 hours. we wear our ACUs. and the equipment we carry varies depending on the activities. during lab we do: a lot of land navigation practice and STX lane/Patrolling practicing. during STX lanes and patrolling we break out the paintball guns to add a more realistic edge to it. and during the FTXs, we get to use M16/SAWs with blanks. we go through the gas chamber and qualify on the M16 range and Hand Grenade Assault Course. we have a Field Training Exercise (FTX) each semester. they last between 3-4 days. we also have a formal comissioning ceremony each semester. and during the spring semester we have a dining in. i am just speaking of my experiences as a Cameron University ROTC Cadet. i know most schools are not as high speed as us and may not get the chance to do as much as us... but, at least you have an idea now.

Camp Camp
They dont have to ask anything. The only question that is on there is "This the applicant breathing".....hahah...just kidding. They are going to just the same things any other job ask. The only time they get into more detail is when you get into security clearences and all.
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Algernon Algernon
for the correct answers look it up. recruiters in your area will answer all your questions too. United States Army www.goarmy.com
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As long as you are low ranked and not doing a job that needs more than a secret clearance, you are safe. But if you move up in rank or get a more classified job, they will find out and clobber you. Best you plan on only doing 4 years in the service then get out.

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