What would be the better choice to join out of these three - The U.S. Army, The Air Force or The Navy?

What would be the better choice to join out of these three - The U.S. Army, The Air Force or The Navy? Topic: Examples claims writing service
May 25, 2019 / By Darlene
Question: by "better" I mean: What pays better? - What has a better rep? - Do any of the three have better benefits? - I heard the Navy is kind of Dirty and filled with people always trying to have sex with everybody. I dont know if that's true but that's kind of a turn off from the Navy if so. Soos - You have no idea what a "Real" job is evidently. About me: I'm 24 yrs old. I would want my job to be something in intelligence or information. No College degree.. But I want one extremely bad. I'm joining as to better my future and get a college education while I work.
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Best Answers: What would be the better choice to join out of these three - The U.S. Army, The Air Force or The Navy?

Breanne Breanne | 4 days ago
One general rule will help get you through life like no other... "Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear". EVERY branch of the military has their good/better/best jobs, people, commands, pro's and con's. Anyone claiming to be able to tell you what is the "best" for you without even knowing you is an idiot... avoid them. "Better" is alway a matter of perspective... no one can answer this question for you. It's a matter of what you want out of life and what you're willing to do to get it. For example... "intelligence" is intelligence... so the rest revolves around where you want to live, where you want to travel and what "type" of intel you want to get into. Research these on the appropriate website, talk with a recruiter from each branch, write down the pro's/con's/needs/wants on a piece of paper and taker er' from there. gmanstan is a classic example of whom to avoid... he never served a day in the Navy but tells you to avoid it? He obviously doesn't know a thing about the Navy so how could he form an accurate opinion... these are the types of people you need to stay away from. Take what a person says about the service they were in and use that... don't use slander about a branch they never served in. I served both Army and Navy and I'd take Navy over Army any day of the week... but that's ME! My likes/dislikes/opinions are just that... mine! Don't be swayed by bonuses... after the money is gone, what do you have left? Research, lad, is the ONLY way to find the answer that best suits you!!!
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Breanne Originally Answered: Why does all this people join the army or the navy or raf etc etc?
You put a lot of effort into calling soldiers stupid and lazy so I thought I would give you an answer. You are too young and too pampered to understand the importance of an Army. You, like most in the West, have lived life too well and enjoyed the fruits of the labors of others for so long you don't realize that you were made free and are kept free by better men than yourself. You feel, rather than think, that a military in this day and age is unnecessary because you believe that a state of freedom is a natural thing. It is not. People and nations are brutal and they will take advantage of weaknesses. We don't join the military to kill others. Anyone who does that has a psychological illness and we tried to weed them out of the system. We join to protect and to defend. That is what it says in our Constitution and that is what we swear to in our oath. You will grow up and hopefully understand this better. In the meantime, you should work on your writing. You come across like a 15 year old. You won't be taken seriously in any forum of note if you cannot express yourself well.

Alethea Alethea
Well a lot of that answer depends on what you want to do. If you want to fly, any of them will work. Interested in nuclear propulsion? Navy is the way to go. So if you can provide some idea of what interests you, we can give a better answer. ***Since intelligence related fields seem to be your goal, I would lean towards the Army or the Navy. I have a friend with 2 kids in the Navy and they both love it. One is in nuclear propulsion and the other just finished training for rescue swimmer. I wouldn't let the rumors about the Navy turn you away. You could also apply directly to the CIA or NSA for intelligence. The application packets are huge, but they might be a fit for you.
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Tucker Tucker
The answer to your question depends on how long you plan on staying in the military? 20 years or more...I'd go for the Air Force. One enlistment? I'd go for the regular Army. The bonuses and upgrades in rank will come alot quicker than the other two branches...which means more money. I wish I could recommend the Navy, but I'd stay away from it and concentrate on the Army or Air Force. When I was in the Army, I had the longest, most technical school offered by the military, 26Y..a year long school based around satellite communications, so don't let anyone BS you about the higher grade tech schools being in the AF or Navy...just isn't true. ( A little joke...do you know why guys in the Navy keep re-enlisting? Because they just can't stand to leave their buddies behind!) I'm a veteran, and my father served 30 years in the Air Force. madmaxx...I've known many who served in the Navy, including my son...I grew up on AF bases....my opinion comes from a military background..whereas yours....?
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Rhett Rhett
it all depends on what kind of job you want and what kind of experience you want while in the military.. obviously if you want to be out to sea and traveling that way then the navy is the way to go no doubt.. if you want a more easy laid back time with less action join the airforce but if you want the real experience and you want to be able to travel all over the world then the Army is the one for you. the Army is the biggest branch of the military so they have the biggest funding which in turn means that you get more things in terms of bonuses and stuff like that.. the army is offering a 20,000 signing bonus while some other branches dont have anything.. they can offer you guarenteed job of choice which basically means the job that you want youll get as long as you qualify for it and there is an opening, you can get guarenteed a duty station if there is an opening and you can also get things like airborne (jumping out of planes) special forces, ranger school, air assault and things like that all written into your contract. the one that is better is the one thats going to be the one that you want to do and that cand fit you best. wile some people love being in each branch others hate it so you have to research and find out whats going to work for you and get wyou where u want to be as far as training and jobs and stuff like that ...yeah the airforce is way easier to be in and if youre looking to just skate by and not do much go with them cause you will definately be out and about in the army..
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Melvyn Melvyn
The pay is same as all. The advance depends on your job. You have listen to too many rumors about the Navy. Comparing which service is like comparing a steak dinner to sports car to home in the country and which is better. Each one holds something special. If you want to travel than it is the Navy by far. Ships go places. Navy has far better training you have one tech for a piece of equipment vice many techs to repair the same thing as compare to the Army and Air Force. Again you choice and good luck.
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Melvyn Originally Answered: Would my eczema DQ me.Army, Navy, Marines. Air Force, CG.?
I agree with Michael. Do not lie. They will ask you do you have, and/or have you ever had a list of conditions. Yes, eczema after a certain age is disqualifying, but you can always ask for a waiver, which means your case is reviewed by a specialist in the relevant field. I have seen a lot of waivers be granted (I had two myself) so it is not that uncommon. The worse thing that can happen is that you will be turned down. When you complete the form, you are signing that the information is accurate to the best of your ability and you don't want a lie to come back and cause problems for you later.

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