What Guitar equipment should i get?

What Guitar equipment should i get? Topic: Marshalls jobs application
July 23, 2019 / By Dyan
Question: i got a les paul deluxe with i line 6 Spider 4 75 watt amp and i have a really shitty acoustic guitar i got around 400 bucks should i get a marshall head or a new acoustic guitarr
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Cecily Cecily | 10 days ago
Um.. kind of depends on what you enjoy playing and the sound you're going for, and what the application of this new amp would be. Do you enjoy playing acoustic, or would it just sit on a guitar stand? Do you need a new amp? The spider amp is a piece of crap, for the most part, but it gets the job done in terms of being a good little practice amp to learn on. What would you do with a Marshall head? You need a cab for it too. Which Marshall head would you buy? If you're thinking of and of the MG series amps, then don't do it. They're not very good, in fact, for their respective price ranges, they're one of the worst rated amps on the market. Are you planning on buying a 100 watt Tube amp? If so, don't, you'll NEVER get the amp cranked high enough to hear its true tone, unless you're playing a huge rock concert at an arena. Save your money, use it on a nice amp, and that amp will depend on what style of music you play and what your ambitions are for the amp, i.e. practice, studio or live sound. Get some better pickups for your guitar, or buy some effects, like an MXR 10 Band EQ pedal.
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if u buy either of the last two, make sure u pick up a tuner available at any guitar store..they are only 10 dollars or so and a must for a beginner~

Annice Annice
Well such a lot guitarists select a whole frame guitar with energetic opt for-ups. Squire is a brief neck with inexpensive/pleasant receivers. You could upgrade the sound with a few exclusive strings, however I could advise watching for a used guitar within the paper. Just preserve watching till you discover the only that is correct for you. The amp is mediocre. I select a separate head and PA audio system. Part of the sound pleasant is approximately the way you fill the room. I use an eight channel mixer (I use mics additionally) this enables me to manipulate tone larger than the guitar's potentiometers. I use results pedals separately developed for targeted results instead than a virtual processor. I have a low-priced piano track. (you can not listen the real sound output with out suggestions except you employ a track) Different amps certainly produce exclusive sounds. The measurement of the speaker influences the variety of output, the fabric the cone is manufactured from influences the targeted sound. The purest amps nonetheless use tubes. Take it slow. Test force what you may have curiosity in shopping.
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This sounds normal. http://forum.thestompbox.net/archive/ind... Have you tried using the center position of the selector switch? Do you get a blend of both pickups? Kabum
Annice Originally Answered: Humbucker pickups (electric guitar), one pickup for treble one for rhythm or is my guitar not working properly
It sounds like your guitar is working fine. SG and Les Paul style guitars have separate volume controls for each pickup. In other words, each volume control only affects 1 pickup. Say you have the switch on "treble" - that means you have your rear pickup selected. When you had the one volume at max and the other at zero, that means you had the volume for the back pickup only maxed. When you switched the volumes around, you turned the rear volume off, and since your selector was still set to the rear pickup, no sound comes out (meanwhile, your front pickup is maxed, but since the switch wasn't set to that pickup, no sound came out of there either). It's perfectly normal to turn both volume controls up, so that way sound comes out on both settings, plus say you want loud treble and quiet rhythm, you can adjust each pickup individually. Also, you can leave the switch in the middle position and use the volumes to get a nice mix of each pickup.

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