Would you read a book like this?

Would you read a book like this? Topic: How to write a book synopsis for publishers
July 24, 2019 / By Lorin
Question: Haley is 17 and she's just moved to a small town with her uncle to start a new life. Then she meets Eli, a blatantly honest boy who shows Haley how important it is to act on what you know is right. Unlike the others in her life, he doesn't try to sweet talk her problems away, instead he shows her how to live life aside from the circumstances. As expected, her heart begs for more and she begins to fall in love. But when crisis strikes and Haley does what she knows is right by risking her life to save the boy's life, she is faced with questions about what it costs to do right. Is it worth giving up your ability to walk to save someone who only ends up in a coma? Is it selfish to try and keep him on life support against the families wishes just so all that you did won't have been for nothing? Haley is faced with these questions and a town that's casting blame at her feet, and she has to learn to keep doing the right thing - fighting for Eli's life - even when it costs so much.
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Katharine Katharine | 4 days ago
it sounds like a great story, but i HAVE to warn you, please dont post around asking if people like your story. first of all, you can write a book synopsis (maybe a chapter or two and a brief outline of the plot) and send it to a publisher. they will reply to you telling you if they would be interested. second of all, PEOPLE STEAL IDEAS. I know it seems stupid now, but when you get round to publishing you will be warned to send a copy of the manuscript in a sealed envelope to yourself, getting it dated by the post office. this is so you can PROVE its your story, because even publishers will steal it if they like the idea but hate the writing, or if you havent written it yet. i know it seems stupid now on a little yahoo website with a few people, but its just a friendly warning!! please keep writing though!
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Duana Duana
If it was written well and had a really well developed plot with very emotional scenes that would come from such a story line I think it would be a very good book and I would definitely read it. =]
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Cearra Cearra
Personally, I would read it. It doesn't sound like my type of book. But I know plenty of people who would read it. I think it'd be a big success.
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Annetta Annetta
oh wow that sorta seems like my book, so yeah I would read it. I'm sure alot of other people would too help with mine please :) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnjW.kDPgK6awWyLo37.Fl3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090525075555AA8rWVP
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