Would an engine tune up on a 2001 jeep cherokee sport increase idle rpm's?

Would an engine tune up on a 2001 jeep cherokee sport increase idle rpm's? Topic: Long computer case screws
July 24, 2019 / By Oralie
Question: my vehicle idles at around 550 to 600 rpms with the possibility of stalling (rarely, but happens, usually at normal operating temperature); IAC motor, battery, air filter has been changed; when ac/defrost compressor is on, rpms higher (approx. 700) with no threat of stalling
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Maisie Maisie | 7 days ago
Couple of things that will screw up your idle. 1) the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. This is a servo-motor operated air bypass valve that directly controls your idle RPM's. It is activated by the engine management computer and there is no way to manually adjust the idle RPM (as is the case in most modern computer controlled fuel injected engines). The IAC valve, and it's associated air passage cast into the throttle body, get clogged with deposits over time. As the passage clogs it restricts proper airflow to maintain a steady correct idle RPM. The remedy for this is to use some throttle body spray cleaner on it (this stuff is similar to carb cleaner but is much stronger so you don't need to use as much). You will need to remove the rubber accordian elbow that connects the air box to the throttle body. The actual passage is located on the side of the throttle body toward the valve cover. Flip open the throttle valve and look into the throat of the throttle body and you'll see a long rectangular slot. Squirt some cleaner into the slot. Also, with a toothbrush and the cleaner, scrub any deposits from the inside of the throttle body and the throttle valve. Again, go easy on the cleaner spray ...just use enough to get it clean. Now give the slot another shot and let it soak for a few minutes. Start the engine. It'll run rough until all the excess cleaner is drawn out. If it still runs rough or unstable at idle, try another dose of cleaner in the slot. If it just won't idle then it may be the IAC is too trashed and or the servo-motor has gone bad ....time to replace the IAC. But ...before you do that check .... 2) Vacuum hoses, connectors, plastic lines. If you have a vacuum leak in any of the few vacuum lines or a connector or plastic lines that make up the Crankcase Vent system (CCV) this can cause an erratic or improper idle RPM. If a hose looks cracked, dried or suspect, replace it. If the plastic lines are broken and leaking replace them (either with rubber hose or new plastic lines from the dealers parts department). I'm betting on the IAC as the culprit to your problems.
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Kiara Kiara
A full tune up would include adjustment of idle speed if the idle speed is out of range. Idle speed can be adjusted w/o a full tune up, but just speeding up idle out of range can cause other issues such as creep when stopped and in gear. If you have your work done by a mechanic, tell them about your concern. If you are doing your own work, consult a chilton manual (avail at part stores)
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Jaki Jaki
The way to bring your idle back into spec would be to have someone clean your throttle plates . They get gummed up and don't let enough air pass . Auto tech. 32 years
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