Should U.S. should fine government of Mexico for illegals?

Should U.S. should fine government of Mexico for illegals? Topic: Solving the problem of poverty
July 23, 2019 / By Isidore
Question: The solution to the illegal immigration issue is fairly simple. When the federal officials find these illegals, deport them immediately. Charge the Mexican government $5,000 for the first offense, per person. Charge the Mexican government $10,000 for the second offense, so on and so forth. If the Mexican government refuses to pay, then we subtract accrued amount from the amount we pay them for oil purchases. Illegal immigration is a crime. Arrest them. Do not turn them loose just because of the paperwork. If an American so much as plays music too loud, they are arrested. If illegals commit crimes, in addition to illegal immigration, put them in jail and charge the Mexican government to cover all costs to incarcerate them. If the federal government refuses, then state agencies should take care of the problem and reap the rewards.Illegal immigration is depleting our Social Security, our health care, our penal system and so on. If you are here legally, welcome to America. Pay your taxes, learn our language, reap the rewards of being a legal immigrant. But remember: You chose to come to our country, adapt to our way of life. Do it legally or go back home. Do not try to force your religion, beliefs, holidays or your old way of life on America. After all, you came to this country seeking a better life.
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Fenton Fenton | 10 days ago
Yeah sure but oil (though a fun thing to grab at) isn't going to work without a full scale war. We could just subtract it from the billions we give them in aid annually... Just levy the fines and send the bill. We could then freeze the assets of the many Mexican Billonaires who live and travel in the US. Yes people there are lots of them here. Mexico has one of the largest populations of Billionaires on the planet. This would stop the flow of illegals and their pimps immediately. To Hansblix... above you are very wrong about your assertions both historically as well as plain factually. If we seal the borders (which is easy) the peopel of Mexico will be forced to solve their own problems, yes there will be another revolution shortly there if we do that but that is a GOOD thing. Meixco exports its poverty to the US right now and keeps their government corrupt. Also don't insult America again please. Thanks
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I totally agree with you. I don't mind Mexicans coming here as long as they do it the legal way. Actually in a lot of countries there students are required to learn English. But I don't agree with taking over mexico. I do believe that there should be consequences for mexico to have to pay for not keeping their citizens in their country. If so many people are wanting to leave they are obviously doing something wrong.

Cyrus Cyrus
Yes. But it would be more effective to convince The Mexican government to create a program to pay competative wages - and provide welfare and medical care for the poor. This would stop the massive crossings. And the overload of all of the goverment programs and medical care in this country. Because eventually the whole system here will break.
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Audley Audley
Good idea, but try to collect. #1. Close the border 2. Fine ANY employer who hires an illegal 3. Immediately deport any illegal who has been incarcerated for another crime (other than illegal entry). 4. Institute a fool-proof National ID system and require all states to recognize it and enforce it's use.
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Vicki Vicki
Actually its even easier than that. Just change the law so that anyone caught using illegal will lose their business and spend a mandatory 10 years in jail. The problem will be solved almost over night. No jobs for illegals means illegals will leave the country. Though adding a fine for the Mexican government on top of it works for me.
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Shae Shae
Then the Mexican government would have even less revunue to provide its people for social services, which in turn would mean more people trying to come here illegally. I'm guessing you didn't think about this for too long. Illegal immigration is a crime. Well, what about the transgressions the US has committed during the past century in Mexico and the rest of Latin America? You should study history some more. And finally, "America" is the entire western hemisphere. The United States is just one country in "America." The entire western hemisphere was called "America" long before we in the US expropriated the term as a synonym for "United States. EDIT (SPQR): Stating facts and insulting the United States is not the same thing. Do you know about the role of the US in funding right-organizations in Mexico and Latin America during the Cold War Era? Do you know about the role of US Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson during the Mexican Revolution? You shouldn't confuse someone's cricitism of something for disrespect. Those are two distinct concepts and your inability to differentiate between the two leads me to believe that you are not aware of our involvement in Latin America since the 19th century.
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Oneida Oneida
No as many illegals have simply overstayed a tourist visa. Besides, they will come as long as American employers give them jobs. We need to start jailing the employers who hire them and the illegals will stop coming. You cure a problem at the source. A fence is just a political band aid.
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Maeveen Maeveen
Maybe if the Mexican government subsidies the care for them in this country. My view is when we find them...wherever that may be...put them in a chain gang and walk them back to Mexico...and while they are walking back have them pick up the trash along the highway...while the others behind them push mowers to cut the grass....look at all the funds it would save and how clean our highways would be.
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Kerri Kerri
Unfortunately, that is unworkable as Mexico is a sovereign nation and is not governed by the US. HOWEVER, illegal immigration IS a crime. Illegal aliens SHOULD be arrested. If we need to build special prisons to house them, we should man up and do it. It will be much less costly than to continue letting them invade unfettered.
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Jacqueline Jacqueline
Yes and if they refuse to pay, cut all aid and free trade treatys until they pay up. And smack huge tariffs on Mexican made goods
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