Islam needs to reform as Europe?

Islam needs to reform as Europe? Topic: Annotated bible
June 27, 2019 / By Leighton
Question: there are lots of superstitions in Islam. interpretations of Islam is different in Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi who is philosopher of Islam than radical islamist such as Ayatollah Khomeini. I'm muslim ,I like pure prophet Mohammed. but, I'm ashamed my religion which became brutal, ignorat and destructive. who did it like this?
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Jonie Jonie | 7 days ago
I'm not a Muslim, I've read the Koran and I find certain passages deplorable, others hypocritical, and many nonsensical. The things the Koran advocates are brutal and backward, much like the Old Testament, which means I also reject Judaism and Christianity. I've actually studied and read these books, so I am not an uneducated ignorant person. If you pay attention to what these ancient people said, they said some pretty horrible things. I'd direct you to the skeptic's annotated Bible, Koran, and Torah, as well as a few other so-called holy books, but more likely you will demonize me for speaking out against such rubbish. The thumbs down button is not the same as a rebuttal. Ancient superstition, human rights abuses, fictional and disproven accounts of history, worship of flawed human beings, and theocratic dictatorship are all paths to ignorance and death. Islam and Christianity and Judaism and many other faiths have done nothing to "enlighten" people. They have done more to hold back scientific and social progress, many are officially racist, sexist, homophobic, and most advocate ritual murder as punishment. I'm tolerant of faiths that are tolerant, but most faiths aren't tolerant of other faiths, or of most kinds of behavior. Most faiths are ancient, irrelevant, superstitious, and cruel. I will admit that contained within much of that garbage is some good ideas. But you have to brush off a lot of bad ones in order to get there. Don't get all huffy when someone criticizes your faith, either. Censorship and lack of pluralism is why much of the religious world is such a horrible place to live, and why there are so many wars. I don't care about "those that make our faith look bad". I don't compare bad apples to the whole bunch. However, I do care about what your so called holy texts actually say. They say awful things. I reject the "revealed" faiths because they are full of ignorant, hateful, vengeful, militant, superstitious, intolerant doctrine that when challenged, becomes an agent of violence and censorship. I am more than certain that these legitimate criticisms will arouse defensiveness and anger in those religious people who read them, but that is because you are unwilling to accept criticism of your faith because it is important to you, and don't want to hear anything that might question it. If you can tolerate my criticism of your faith, then you are a good person and it has not twisted or corrupted you. But if you hate me for rejecting it, and urging you to do the same, then my accusations are correct; you have become a militant who is too wrapped up in dogma to tolerate your fellow man. I criticise, but tolerate, religion. I will speak out against it, and not practice it myself, and I will not tell a religious person not to defend their faith, nor force them to convert out of it, nor threaten them or censor them. I disagree peacefully. I wish many religious people could do the same towards non-religious people, but many are too wrapped up in their religion to tolerate dissent.
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Jonie Originally Answered: Could you point me in the right direction on how Islam's achievements came to Europe&caused the Rennaissance?
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Genia Genia
Don't be ashamed by your religion. You did not do anything wrong. Be ashamed the people who misinterpreted the Qur'an (ex. Osama & Saddam Hussein). I am a Muslim as well but I am not ashamed of my religion, I am only ashamed of the idiots like Osama and Saddam ruining it for the others. They make us look bad.
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Del Del
Islam is a religion, Europe is a continent. i really don't understand the correlation between the two.
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