If u know about Ronald Reagan, please help me with this?

If u know about Ronald Reagan, please help me with this? Topic: Example of a research powerpoint
June 27, 2019 / By Meliora
Question: we have this assignment/project about ronald reagan. there are some questions that i have to answer but we havent learned much of him and im so worried and stressed right now! i have no one that could help me and im a single child in my family. my parents dont know english well and dont know much about history. im a straight A student but havent learned about ronald reagan at all. My teacher expects us to know everything quickly. it takes time but anyways this is due soon and i havent even started on my powerpoint about ronald reagan. so if you could please help , that would be great! here are some few questions i am really confused with and yeah i researched , but i havent found much useful resources. so if you can please help me with as much as you can. i already researched some websites but havent got/found the answers in them :( please answer these questions as best as you can, if you'd help me that would really mean alot to me. this is my last project of the year and its a HUGE grade. 1. what did his wife do to help the country? What was she remembered for? 2. how do the people of the country remember the president? 3 what decisions did he make that impacted the country the most? 4. how did this presidency affect the economy? ( Compare the economy from the begininng of his presidency to the end ) 5. What policies did the president make that impact us today? 6. What foreign affairs did this president have to handle? ( was this a war president?) ( Think about trade, oil , foreign conflict etc. ) 7. What qualities ( examples: intelligence,leadership,honesty,loyalty,... did the president possess that convinced people to elect him President? Show atleast 3 qualities he possessed. im really stressed out right now :( . Thank you for your help OR\AND tell me as much as you know about Ronald Reagan! and i did use google, im not use to these type of projects, this is my first time doing a powerpoint and presenting it in glad and im nervous :( alot of people i know are use to making powerpoints and know good info to put in it but this is my first time from where i come from . im sorry im still trying too!
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Best Answers: If u know about Ronald Reagan, please help me with this?

Lee Lee | 10 days ago
Great Information on Reagan below. http://millercenter.org/president/reagan Nancy Reagan started the "Just Say No" program against drugs and the Foster Grandparent program. http://www.reaganfoundation.org/details_...
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Lee Originally Answered: Help with Ronald Reagan paper?
How about starting out with Reagan as Governor of California (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?u... and then moving on to how that related to his being President? Start with the site I gave you (which is official CA history), and then fill in with Wikipedia.
Lee Originally Answered: Help with Ronald Reagan paper?
You could start with his decision to make the official announcement for his first presidential run in Neshoba County (Mississippi)- the location of the most famous race hatred multiple murders in our history. In choosing this site, the future president signaled to every anti-civil rights voter in the country that he sided with them.

Joisse Joisse
1: The "Just say no" campaign to stop children using drugs Basing decisions on what her horoscope said (really) 2: Democrats - hate him Everyone else - Reagan was awesome 3: Supply side economics Build up the military stand up to the Soviet Union in the Cold War Keep taxes low 4: Fixed the ailing US economy - the US economy was much stronger at the end of his presidency than at the beginning. 5: Funded the above by substantiallly raising the Federla deficit 6: The Cold War Middle East Iran-Contra Scandal 7: Dangerous right wing radical - but that's just what the US needed,and the American people wanted,at the time. Calm Upbeat Confrontational However,the quality that gave him the biggest advantage in 1980 was not being Jimmy Carter.
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Geena Geena
1. Nancy Reagan was known for her crusade against drugs. 2. He is remembered as being the one to get the hostages out of Iran, positively grow the economy, survive a point blank assasination attempt, and succeed in peace talks with Russia to tear down the Berlin wall. 3. 4 5 6. He was responsible for virtually ending the Cold War with Russia. 7. a. Stood behind his values and morales, even though everyone didn't agree with him. b. Did what he said he would do [integrity] without blaming others for failure c. Presented himself to foreign leaders as a tough but fair leader. He backed down from nobody, but also would offer resoultion through diplomacy rather than aggression.
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Geena Originally Answered: Did the great Communicator Ronald Reagan Get it Right?
Don't forget that Rancid Ronald also stopped prosecuting those that employed illegal aliens in 1986. Does that perhaps explain his desire for amnesty? What would happen if we had a couple of CEO's tied up in a a highly publicized court case involving their companies hiring practices? I maintain that we do NOT have an illegal immigrant problem. We have an illegal jobs problem. As far as GW Bush one of the very few things that he proposed that I did agree with was his immigration reform bill, the same one that was killed by the nut jobs in his own party (mainly because the bill contained a path to citizenship, Republicans want brown people to work but not vote). I remember how proud Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity were that talk radio had stopped immigration reform. Now we get the pleasure of witnessing how the right, in an effort to discredit the Obama administration are blaming him for a problem that neither party has made an honest effort to solve for several decades.

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