What's the best part about being in the army?

What's the best part about being in the army? Topic: Ma research questions
June 20, 2019 / By Hughie
Question: Do you see a lot of people die or get injured? Have you, yourself sustained a lot of injuries since joining the military, whether in training or deployed somewhere? If your currently in the army or finished your time (whether in the US or overseas), did u find yourself in harms way a lot, or had any near-death experiences? Even if u had a non-combat job where u thought u would be relatively safe... Do the majority of our soldiers die in iraq or make it home safely? I'm going for the reserve, not sure what MOS yet excuse me i love, do u even know what your talking about?? it's a serious question, asking for serious answers, why don't u shove it and go take ur **** talk somewhere else
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Erle Erle | 2 days ago
There are many pros and cons. I am sure there are folks who can answer them for you here. I just want to concentrate on the statement about the non-combat jobs....I was infantry, airborne infantry, for 16 years to include working at Ranger School for 3 years. After 3 deployments, I never was wounded or hurt badly, but had many, many near-deaths experiences (some before I joined, I from Compton, CA lol). Yet, I medical reclassed into an admin MOS (JAG) and was wounded in Iraq two years ago due to spending at least 2-3 days of every week outside the wire minumum. There no safe job if your doing it to the fullest on today's fluid battlefield. I never thought I would be 'safe' nor would I try to stay 'safe'and let others do the fighting and be a pogue. No ma'am. No need in joining. Anyway, good question, just research somemore and talk to people in the military vs. online here unless you join a forum of vets. Don't listen to some of the idiots around the 'net lol. I wish you well with your choices. Let us know what you decide. Be All You Can Be!
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After the first 9 weeks (assuming he passes that part and stays out of trouble) he will have a 24 - 72 hour break where he can leave post. 5 weeks after that (after the entire 14 weeks) there will be a graduation you can attend. He will have 10 days of leave saved up by then which he can choose to use or not, depending on when his report date is. Once he gets to his unit, he'll have 30 days of leave a year he can use (he will gain 2 1/2 days a month), but he'll be limited on when he can use it because of the schedule so be patient. Also, don't expect to hear from him while he is at basic because he wont have access to his phone or a computer. Take up the old fashioned art of hand writing letters.

Colman Colman
I am still in the military. Look stuff happens people get injured and die. It's a part of life. yeah it's emotional when it's a close friend of yours, but it's something you know is going to happen to someone. I been to iraq twice and it was dangerous, being outside the gate for days on end. Never knowing if your next trip out is going to be your last. But we try not to think about it, we just do what we do. Nothing in this world is safe, nothing. So it's just another way of living life. The best part about being in the army for me is being able to provide for my son, while the army pays for my college while i am in and get the GI bill when i get out. and for the do the majority make it home, yes they do, think about it last time i checked we had approximately 150,000 people over there and have had like somewhere around 5,000 deaths. If you want a safe job, become a 42A human resources specialist. I was one for about 2 years. that is the safest i think you are going to get. I enjoyed it. You just have to get past basic. you'll be fine.
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Areli Areli
In gods army i guess it would fall under the choir. The choir has helped me threw hard times. He has always bee there for me. He has given me the spirt of music that makes me want to sing no matter what.
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Trista Trista
My husband is active duty. He is currently has several injuries, army induced. He loves it though. He's been in 6 yrs and when he is asked what the best part of being in the army is- he always answers "the way kids look at you in when you're in uniform"
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Samanta Samanta
The feeling of being apart of something thats bigger than u. I LOVE the feeling i get when i wear that uniform. ....And most make it home safely because they dont leave the base.
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