The whole mexico drug problem(Solution)?

The whole mexico drug problem(Solution)? Topic: Problem solving with answer and solutions
July 23, 2019 / By Willow
Question: wouldn't it be much easier simply to put troops on the border with .50 cals? Its not humane, but we stop the drug traffic, and we also stop the supposed purchasing of arms that mexico is whining about. Go ahead and throw up your solutions. Or critique mine, I don't care. Straight..... That was a pretty awesomely sarcastic answer. I agree Delina, but the process of doing that would most likely stomp on one of our rights.... and god forbid you give someone tough love.
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Sharmaine Sharmaine | 9 days ago
Very difficult question. no easy answers. A few suggestions: -Drastically checking the borders (the trucks, containers, car trunks, etc): All this would be very costly, and the taxpayers would object to the cost if it were really implemented, and to the disruption to trade and all that. Here, you will have the US chamber of commerce bearing down on us, just as they have always done when the discussion is about illegal immigration. - Cutting off the flow of very dangerous weapons that cartel criminals purchase or steal here in this country. But then, you will have the whole NRA crowds bearing down on us... So how can we solve that huge problem? They buy most of these guns here! - Medicalizing junkies and meth addicts in controlled centers, by weaning them out of this stuff, with tight discipline but away from the violent criminals in ordinary prisons. Most of these people are sick, not criminals. Problem: it is very costly to do so, and here again, taxpayers will scream. - Punishing very harshly anyone involved in kidnapping and violence. Up to the death penalty (and not after years with ten appeals and ten corrupt lawyers), for egregious violence. And no more intimidation from outside or inside forces, even if the death penalty has been repealed in some countries. If criminals come here to commit violence, they should expect to be treated according to the laws of this country. In short, there would have to be way more social control, including checking identities in many different ways (that are not allowed now), to determine eligibility to remain here, etc. And here, we will have the ACLU and Hollywood crowds be bearing down on us, along with the anti-national ID crowds. In fact, I just explained that I do not see any rational applicable solution. And it is true that one of the best things would be for people to stop buying these terrible products. But it is just wishful thinking. Many of us just want to scream to them, "stop this, there is nothing there!!!, stop feeding these bastards and these terrorists", but the people involved are too deep into their problems to even listen. Rationality has left them. So what can we do? It seems that in reality, there is not much we can do, in a democratic society of this complexity, and this is perhaps the most discouraging conclusion. I would like to see a solution to these problems, but without some sort of fascism it seems impossible, and we do not need fascism either, because there would be no control on the leaders.
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” Undocumented workers are “a challenge to the rule of law,” he said, “but immigrants are not a threat to the national security of the United States.” --------------------------------------... Wrongggggggg! And Mexico deals with the illegal aliens in their country as..... threats to the national security of Mexico although they may not call it exactly that. ======================================... Mexico has been trying to run the American Foreign Policy, and the American Domestic Policy, for a very long time. It is another effort.. I hope this one fails. In the past, they have not and the representation of Mexico instead of the American People is a heck of a lot more than merely offensive. Obama needs to whack off that appendage that tells him to represent the United States Business Organizations, and do a beeline to the business of representing the American People. The American People had better take a look at La Raza and ALL of the racially/ethnic representations of people, and form a Union of American People or we will get buried deep and good.

Paget Paget
beyond the dope problem is poor ,decent Mexico as a failed state,,,,,drug cartels tie up mexico city with attacks on embassies,the national congress,the country looking like the movie sets of Arnold's "the predator"a couple coup attempts,,,,,,,portions of the army side with the druggies & dopers,,,,,americas drug consumption is the driving force behind these dope wars,,,,mexico is further getting isolated by their trucks and shipping companies denied access to american highways,ostensibly because they drive unsafe rigs and equipment,,,,,,actually,FTA has certified that mexican trucks are safe,and it is a protectionist measure as a hat tip to the teamster unions.Mexico has retaliated by imposing tariffs on american stuff going into Mexico,,,,,,,too bad,,,it's a decent country that has needed a thousand 50 to 300 worker factories making tv sets,construction material factories in the northern areas paying a hundred pesos an hour,,,there were dozens of these about 7 or eight years ago,needed to be in the hundreds .these would be inducement to mexicans and emigrants from central america to stay in mexico where theres work.In the event that this govt fails,the mexes call us needing troops to restore order,whadda mess,in 1940,mexico had 24 million people,we had 200 million,,,,mexico city had 25 million people in 2000,now its like 30 million,we have 300 million plus,,,,our economy sneezes,they get pneumonia,we get pneumonia,and they start doin the chicken,,we have the right to build a fence at the border to cover a thousand nine hundred 51 mile long frontier.,we do not need a trade war.
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Mandi Mandi
2 reasons not to do that : 1. It wouldn't work. 2. It's expensive. It wouldn't work because the drug traffickers would find another way. Can't cross the border, go under it, fly over it, get in a boat and go around it. Fly it to Canada, sneak it across their border. Or just do what most do, sneak it across the border through customs by acting like perfectly legal border crossings, hiding it in bodies, in tires of your car or tractor trailers or in any other goods that legally cross the border everyday. The biggest problem with your solution is that it wouldn't stop much of anything. The other, it costs too much. That's a lot of bodies to man all that real estate. I guess we need another reason to increase the national debt and not have anything to show for it.
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Kimbra Kimbra
Are you so stupid, that you think America's drug problem stems from the Mexican Border? The fact of the matter is that the CIA, have been making sure that the Drugs always get through, for decades. Your own Government. It was your own government who introduced a Generation of young Americans, to LSD, your Government that ensured that during the 1970's there were more Amphetamines prescribed to Americans, THAN ALL THE OTHER DRUGS, COMBINED! The CIA, who set up the whole Laos, Thailand, Burma Golden Triangle Heroin connection that flooded your streets with cheap Heroin. The CIA who set Noriega up to launder all their Coke money via Panama, through the Vatican Banco Ambrosiana, and you think slotting a few poor Mexicans trying to sell a bit of Weed is going to make any difference at all? What, really?
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Janet Janet
Yes, that would work. I have been sayin for years now that what they need to do is set up guard towers every quarter mile or half mile and staff it with three snipers at each station and take down anyone who comes within 100 feet of the border. Would this work, yes. Is it the most humane thing to do, probably not. It would make the border a lot more stable though.
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Erynn Erynn
Why would the government cut off their drug supply? Please, that's big business for them. Like there's all kinds of trained agents working on the waterfronts where the drugs come in at. Their job is to stop the drugs from getting through. Yet the drugs are still getting in. There has to be a reason for that. It's supply and demand. Like someone said, stop the demand and the supply will drop off.
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Claramae Claramae
Since we will never be able to stop the drug users al together, might as well try to stop the flow, I'm with you buddy. Not inhumane at all, drug smuggling and illegal invasion is inhumane to Americans.
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Barbra Barbra
Just legalize it already. When we had prohibition of alcohol we had black markets and tons of crime too. If it's legal, 1. it can be taxed and produce revenue. 2. the crime incentive vanishes. Furthermore, making it illegal doesn't stop the use, it only pushes it into a crime market. You cannot control use, but you can end the crime that goes along with it.
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Barbra Originally Answered: What do you think of this as one solution for our energy problem?
I think this is genuinely a good idea for many of the reasons you give above and a few more. I am sure it will happen more and more. Nevertheless there are problems that I have seen from having worked several jobs both on-site and remotely. 1) People are better at communicating in person than over even vid phones. There are just a lot of little subtle things that our technology doesn't pick up yet. 2) Bosses get paranoid that you aren't working hard if they can't walk by at random times and see you working. Even if you are productive in what you turn in. 3) Casual interaction around the office often sparks creativity and cooperation. Lunches are often the most productive part of the business day. People are more likely to interact if they have a way of just bumping into each other. 4) Computers aren't the only kind of workstation and specialized equipment that people use in offices and most companies can't afford to buy specialized equipment for everyone who might need it. 5) Security is seen as a problem when people are handling confidential material remotely. 6) You can't hit on the hot chick sitting next to you ;-) 7) Many people find it hard to stay motivated and focused at home. 8) many jobs simply can't be done from home.

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