I think i'm becoming bulimic? Please help me.?

I think i'm becoming bulimic? Please help me.? Topic: Bulimia research
June 25, 2019 / By Azrael
Question: So every single day I throw up. I don't really eat a lot. I just go for an apple or an orange every morning and lots of green tea, for lunch I go for a cup or rice w/chicken or fish and pineapple juice and for the evening I just go for a bowl of oat meal yet I still feel like a pig when I eat so I end up throwing every evening. I want to stop throwing up, I have really good teeth and I don't want to ruin them. I have very little -actually I have no self esteem at all. I feel ugly and I feel like no one would ever want me if they weren't using me. I'm also fat (145 pounds) and people make fun of me and girls at school laugh at me so much. I'm trying to loose weight in a healthy way. I've never felt good about myself and throwing up makes me feel good. I just started throwing up almost 2 weeks ago, it's still early, please help me stop. ):
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Best Answers: I think i'm becoming bulimic? Please help me.?

Wilfreda Wilfreda | 6 days ago
Jesus. How old are you? Have you research bulimia at all? I really hope you are serious because bulimia is a serious addiction/disease. 145 pounds isn't fat at all. I'm 146 pounds and I wear a size 5 jeans. I just had a baby too. If your throwing up unintentionally, you could be sick, or even pregnant, but if your making yourself throw up. Stop. Get help. Tell someone, your parent, a teacher, a counselor, a friend. Anyone....Bulimia is a slow way to kill yourself. Get help NOW!!
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Wilfreda Originally Answered: HELP! my 16 year-old cousin is bulimic.how do i help her?
Tell her to go to a doctor, this is really serious and needs to be avalulated asap! If she wont go to a doctor, tell her parents. This is why she needs help, please read below The prognosis of bulimia depends on several factors, including age at onset, types of purging behaviors used (if any), and the presence of other psychiatric conditions or disorders. In many cases, the disorder becomes a chronic (long-term) condition; 20%–50% of patients have symptoms for at least five years in spite of treatment. The usual pattern is an alternation between periods of remission and new episodes of bingeing. Patients whose periods of remission last for a year or longer have a better prognosis; patients diagnosed with major depression or a personality disorder have a less favorable prognosis. Overall, however, the prognosis for full recovery from bulimia nervosa is considered relatively poor compared to other eating disorders. Bulimia nervosa appears to produce changes in the functioning of the serotonin system in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh who compared brain images taken by positron emission tomography (PET) from bulimic women who had been in remission for a year or longer with brain images from healthy women found that the recovered bulimics did not have a normal age-related decline in serotonin binding. Since serotonin helps to regulate mood, appetite, and impulse control, the study may help to explain why some women may be more susceptible to developing bulimia than others. That's why she needs help!

Sharlene Sharlene
Even if your overweight, eating is still the right thing to do. throwing up your food will lower your metabolism which will inturn make you gain more weight when you next eat. The only way to deal with the weight problem is diet and exercise. Nothing else. The pills dont work. Now to the self esteem issue, just know that although they think less of your outside appearance. Your a better person on the inside than them which counts for a shitload more. But you should really talk to a councilor, shrink, or your parents about that
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Owena Owena
Although I'm unsure of your age and body type, I am sure you are not fat. Teenage girls can be cruel, but so is the rest of the world so you need to learn to start dealing with things now because 'life aint always beautiful'. I have numerous friends who have gone through this, and what seemed to help the most in these situations are seeing a nutritionist. Actually being able to talk to someone about it can be more inspirational, and they can tell you what/how to eat to make sure you've got the proper nutrition and be sure you are healthy. It is great that you already realize this is a problem, now you just need to find the motivation to stop yourself. Think about this, when you grow up and have children, would you want your teenage daughter doing this? Probably not! But I'm sure you will come out of this with a heroic story about how you conquered it, you just have to try.
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Malvina Malvina
Stop doing so. Don't worry about no girls at school, why should their opinion matter when they're temporary fixtures in your life? Love yourself before waiting for others to accept your, and realize life is much more than your weight. And mostly keep in mind that doing this things to your body has harmful effects. You may even end up making yourself infertile and when someone comes around that you truly love and they truly love you (unlike this girls) that may really affect you. Take care of this problem now before is harder to stop. Think of the effects it could have on your loved ones to see you sick, They matter, not some girls who are obviously insecure and unhappy with themselves and make themselves feel better by putting you down. Don't allow them to devalue you and go against your health, they won't take care of you when you're sick. You are beautiful and valuable, but you have to value yourself and care for you before anyone else. Keep going the healthy route and pay no attention to negatives. God bless.
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Malvina Originally Answered: How do you write about a bulimic scene? TEN PTS?
No. "bulimism" isn't a word. "Bulimia Nervosa" is the actual diagnosis. Ipecac is a poison. That is why it makes a person vomit. It is given only if the poison one has ingested is more dangerous than the ipecac itself. Your character would experience severe cramping and repeated, violent episodes of vomiting. It wouldn't be pretty, and it wouldn't be quiet. If it happened in the school bathroom, chances are very high she'd be caught. Good luck with your story, ~Dr. B.~

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