My dad is extremely controlling?

My dad is extremely controlling? Topic: You help me with my homework dad
June 17, 2019 / By Maegan
Question: I don't want to roll out with the whole story, but nowadays (I'm in year9) I come back from school after a tiring day and go on my laptop to edit my youtube videos, write stories and just be a normal teenager, my dad comes up to my room and is like "YOU'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR AGES FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS YOU ONLY GET YOUR LAPTOP AT EIGHT O CLOCK YOU NEED TO STUDY YOU HAVE GCSE'S NEXT YEAR" okay, I get the point, I DO study, I have immaculate grades, and for his information I've only been on for about an hour, and he kicks up this massive fuss about it, I spent most of the day doing homework, reading into a career I wanted to adopt in the future and exercising, isn't that good enough? Yet he comes up to my room and threatens to break my computer, and he always hits it or something, I'm always paralysed and have no idea what to do, I have ALL my stuff on here, literally, and he isn't joking when he says he's going to break it. My famiyl don't really give a ****, and I know they'll find my laptop even if I hide it and never give it back, it's so difficult, I get emotionally abused by him everyday and I usually resort to my laptop for distraction (not looking for sympathy), he can't grasp that, I tell him I have stuff to do on the laptop and he doesn't really care. If I show signs of fear he leaves me alone, like if he screams in my face and Itake the plugs out, he walks away laughing. but i just put them in now he has no idea, ugh. I hate his behaviour with this, he doesn't let me go anywhere on my own, he literally rips up any clothes I have which are slightly revealing, and everytime I pick up my phone he shouts at me and demands to know if I'm speaking to guys. Seriously? Everyday I come into school and about 9 teachers think I'm not giving a good impression in lessons, I get into detentions all the time for arguing with teachers, they remind me too much of my dad when he gets angry with me. Uhm. Help please?
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Kerenhapuch Kerenhapuch | 3 days ago
You should try explaining to your dad that you get good grades and well just tell him in a nice way everything you said here. I know it'll be hard to admit it, but what do you have to lose? If you have a problem, you must act upon it. It won't go away if you do nothing. He sounds like he has way too much time on his hands - maybe tell him to get a hobby/interest?? Lastly, seriously call childline or get help somewhere from school. Try to get your dad some counselling, he has serious issues and is affecting you quite badly. Make a change. Hope I helped, hunnie xoxox
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Kerenhapuch Originally Answered: What is the good side to being controlling. I feel like I stopped controlling & it would be better if I would?
What you have described would not be considered 'controlling' behavior. Controlling yourself and your own life is a good thing. In order to have a comfortable and serene life, you have to plan and manage the things that effect you, such as your health, your job, your finances, your future. That's not normally called "controlling", it's just good common sense and good management. When your friends say that they don't like people who are controlling, that means they don't like people who try to control the lives and actions of the people around them. They don't want to be controlled by other people. Some neurotic people go so far as to try to micromanage every interface they have with every person they meet. They want everything done 'their way', or on their time schedule, or to their standards, regardless of anyone else's needs or opinions. These are very self-centered and driven types, and can be very successful in life, but can be very annoying to the people around them.

Jackie Jackie
From my view point it sounds like you are a typical teenager. You are at that age where you want to be independant, but unfortunately you are not independant yet. Your father wants you to study so that you will keep your grades up and get into a good college to have a great career. Maybe you should try talking to him and explain that when he yells at you it upsets you. I am sure if the two of you sit down and talk it all out you can understand each other's perspective and come to a good solution. Don't argue it will only make the problem worse, just sit down and talk like a couple of grown ups. As for your teachers, they are just doing their jobs and if they think you are not understanding the material they are going to check with you there is no need to get hateful with them about it.
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Elyzabeth Elyzabeth
Well i was in the same boat 4 along time even after i got married. He scared my little sister away from men by threatening to withhold college funds and pretty much me to. Well the only advice i can give you is try to make all the money u can to be independant
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Christianne Christianne
This is just a fit, Once he gets older, He will get softer, believe me, from experience.. :P You're father is controlling. VERY controlling. Like mine very similar to yours... Have a speak to him. And If he doesent listen, Show all your hate back in his face . And he will realise how depressing he is..
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Controlling guys is not good in a relationship! I've watched many videos on youtube showing women who got beaten by their husband, there was this women she and her boyfriend was best friends at school, so they got married but then her boyfriend control her, and says that she is his property, she goes out and earn money, and her boyfriend beileves that her money is his and stuff. He will cut off what the women is wearing if he does not like it. He makes her look at the ground when she is outside so that she is not making eye contact with people, if she makes eye contact with any guy, it means that she is cheating, All I can say is guys can not be friends with girls, because girls are attractive and stuff, and any guy-friend probably has or had a crush on their girl-friend. Your boyfriend sounds like he is very high-alert, that mean if you be with him, he would accuse you of cheating when you are not, not only that he might also hit you even through he says he loves you. Controlling guys on that video says they love their wife, but they beat them because they are the man and they have the right to do it. Controlling guys I've seen on that video accuses that their wife is cheating when they are cheating themselves. Your boyfriend sounds like he already thinks you are his, and you shouldn't like anyone besides him. He sounds like a really high in control guy. P.S. you can ignore me if you want, but I strongly advice you to not be with this guy, he might love you but might not understand what he needs to provide in a relationship.

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