How do you go about opening a restaurant?

How do you go about opening a restaurant? Topic: How to draw a business plan
June 20, 2019 / By Alic
Question: Okay so my mom owns a restaurant its a breakfast place well my mom is contacted me around to open a breakfast/lunch place maybe even dinner I wanna help her I will be the cook from around 12pm to 6pm (average) I wanna be a pastry chef but I can cook anything anyways I wanna cook something unique not the same old stuff (we live out in the country) is there any menu ideas you have? it has to be a bit simple since I dont know who all will be cooking but not everything fried...eww...sorry I like grilled ^^' anyways please ideas? remember at first it will be a simple menu
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Tanner Tanner | 9 days ago
These are the things I would be looking at: 1) Do a demographics study on various locations to determine best location 2) You would be considering a breakfast/lunch place. Really consider doing a demographics study to see if it will work. Who will you be appealing to? Who will be your target group? Adults, teens, age groups? 3) Draw up a business plan 4) Contact SBA (Small Business Administration) for assistance with appropriate paperwork 5) Contact SBA and other sources for loans and / grants for business Does your mom have the money to keep this business afloat if necessary? 6) Find out what permits and business licenses would be needed 7) If liquor were going to be served, apply for the appropriate license. This probably will not apply to you unless you decide to stay open for dinner. Would you consider selling beer and wine? 8) Start looking for vendors for various food stuffs and supplies 8) A: Your mom may have all of this covered but it will depend on what is on your menu. 9) Start formulating an ad campaign for new business (need to know what franchise recommends and / or provides) 10) Employee training is very important as well. You want to hire people who know what they are doing especially during the first month it's open. 11) A simple menu could include eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast, cereal, pancakes or waffles........ Lunch could be soups and salads and sandwiches........ Flatbread Pizza is popular now for ex. Pepperoni or Margherita (mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil). What restaurants do you have in your area? How could you make your menu different and more appealing? What can you offer your customers that other restaurants in your area can't? Some of the above won't apply and some will so consider all the avenues before you jump in to opening a new business... Hope I helped. I wish you well! Good luck.....
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Tanner Originally Answered: How do you go about opening a small restaurant/cafe?
hmmm so u want cook broadly these are guidlines 1. location - good ( if u ahve the money ) else try out a corner location for a shop,...... or a place which is closer where ppl commute a lot...... or such a place where its visible for a great distance. 2.try to buy cookwear that makes u less dependent on human labour. 3. try out crockery where its easier for u to dishwash / try out disposables so that u r cleaning mess is absent 4. u require 2 big refridgerators...one for vegitables . / meat and the other for storing unused food ( those that can be storesd )..i think u need one more fro icecreams 5.aircondition if necessery or if u r budget is small......try having ur resturent to have good airflow and cross-ventilation 6.ensure that HYGINE is ur topmost agenda ..that is what impresses u r guest the most. 7. plan ur budgets and please ensure what money / assets u;ve got IF u fail n u r venture......can u r assets look after u r losses ?? 8 u got to c yourself beyond passion/love to be in business and there are so many more..........in case u wanna konw....pls IM or mail me bye and pls tel u r location ........so others can be precise in answering THIS question.
Tanner Originally Answered: How do you go about opening a small restaurant/cafe?
i might say a minimum of one hundred to 200,000 funds, and that's just to get your foot in the door. maximum organization rentals will choose you to devote to probable 2 year long lease or greater. you're additionally watching probable a minimum of three thou a month in lease, to no longer point out utilities, HVAC costs, etc and, once you're in a identifying to purchase complicated, then CAMs too (that's yet another thou or so). then you incredibly would desire to pay for each and all the kitchen home equipment (range, fridges etc. ). each and every thing has to fulfill the city codes and well being codes standards and you're watching 10s of 1000's greater in expenditure to accomplish that. eating places are an exceptionally confusing organization to get into and stay into. i might propose you stumble on somebody who has already opened and run a valuable eating place and %. their ideas. Oh, and once you do open it. Be arranged to paintings sixteen hour days, 7 days a week for a minimum of the 1st few years.

Tanner Originally Answered: I own a restaurant, i need to convert my menu to word doc to modify the price?
Staples is wrong. PDF is not the way to go unless you have someone create a PDF and insert form fields (data entry fields) into the PDF file so that you can key in new prices as needed. Otherwise, leaving the price area blank so that you can "write" in the new price will make your menu looking amateur-ish and sloppy. If economy weren't an issue you'd hire someone to design your menu. They'd use industry standards like Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress. But since economy and software skills are issues, use what you know. MS Word is the easiest to use. Next would be MS Publisher. Then other layout/design programs like InDesign. My recommendation is to pay someone to layout your menu for you. But whichever program they use, have them convert the final design to a PDF. Have then insert Text Form Fields where the prices should be. This leaves the price BLANK. Then you can use Adobe Reader to enter the prices as you see fit and then print new menus as the prices change. It seems like your menu design isn't too complicated. MS Word will work. One just has to know how to use MS Word. Most people only have a cursory knowledge of it.
Tanner Originally Answered: I own a restaurant, i need to convert my menu to word doc to modify the price?
You need a good scanner and OCR software which will 'read' the scanned text and convert it to an editable file. If you want to streamline the cost of producing menus periodically, the PDF route is the best way forward. A menu designed in Word will look crap. As a graphic designer, I'd urge you to not proceed with this option.
Tanner Originally Answered: I own a restaurant, i need to convert my menu to word doc to modify the price?
Use Publisher. You can put text boxes over the pdf scanned prices, print in out & make copies and change the prices whenever you want.

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