Does she like me too?

Does she like me too? Topic: How to write a confused face on facebook
July 21, 2019 / By Aryana
Question: All right so I can sit here and ramble on and on and on about how amazing she is but I won't because trust me the list will go on forever. For the past year she's been confusing me like hell. She goes from showing signs she is Gay , to denying it to bringing it up. I mean on facebook it says she's interested in men and women and every know and then her status will be about accept the LGBT community but at the end she says even though she's not she supports them. Also there are times where she does seem interested but I can't really tell. Perhaps I'm reading into it to much. I want to so bad write every thing that's happened but I keep blushing and I feel silly writing it but for sure she gives me these looks now and then that you wouldn't give someone who's just a friend. Also a few days back hen I went to get my agenda and schedule from school I bumped into her. She asked to see my schedule and when she noticed we had nothing together she got upset. I was some what ignoring her that day ( trying to get over her ) and after I didn't respond she just looked at me and walked away. Didn't really talk to me then. I know she's dating a guy but ... they don't look like they're actually into each other. I don't know If i'm wasting my time or not but I do have this feeling in my gut that I shouldn't just give up yet. I know I didn't give you guys much but help would very much be appreciated. Should I stop wasting my time or should I go on ahead , and what should I do to get her attention. We are friend but it's for me to talk to her due to the fact that I really like her. Dare I say I might be in Love. It will be hard :/ I have about seven more days before I see her, I think i'm gonna work on building up my courage.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah | 5 days ago
Hmm... Look, she's obviously not taking the gay thing too well. She has her Facebook interested in as men and women (It's "less severe" to come out as bi because you still have the straight option) and posts things relating to lgbt rights....a gay person in the closet will ALWAYS at some stage feel the need to tell somebody. I did the same thing as her with the Facebook thing! But of course I don't have the courage to literally say I was gay/bi...:/ Not yet anyway and neither does she (or you?). Lol yeah I've gotten those looks too,and to be honest I'm in a very similar situation as you but that's a different story lol So I totally do understand how frustrating it is for you.And don't worry about writing it all down! It could actually help...And all us gays have been there... I honestly do think she is interested in you. And somedays she's gonna ignore you...to try block out stuff...and I'm sure you do the same to her sometimes. And there's always gonna be that part of you that isnt certain weather she is even interested...the only way to get rid of the doubt is to face the damn fears! Oh and the guy? Lol wouldn't worry bout that...she's not straight. Are you comfortable around her? Do you have conversations? Maybe you should bring up the gay rights thing, she might be passionate about it on the Internet but if she goes awkward when the topic is brought up in person then it's obvious she's in the closet! Trust me you will be much happier if you go ahead and get her attention, and she will be too:) Even if it gets super awkward that's the first step and it gets waaay better! I'm rambling...so good luck :) Think of the positives! And REMEMBER: nothing is gonna happen by it's self...and regrets are such a pain in ***... :) hope I helped a little...but I think you already know what to do;)
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